Experts have found out that prevents to lose weight for obese children

Эксперты выяснили, что мешает похудеть детям с ожирением

Most often children suffering from obesity can help in the designated hospitals, however in some cases the professionals could not. As shown by a recent study, a key role in these cases often plays a excessive predisposition of the child to excess weight, and social and psychological factors.

The study involved 100 families with children aged 4 to 12 years. More than half of these children suffer from serious forms of obesity. Experts have observed treatment of obesity for six months, and also reviewed the results of psychological tests that were their parents. The first thing that drew the attention of scientists — parents of obese children are twice as likely to have a quite stable state of mind in comparison with other people who held similar test earlier.

Further observation showed that children who have parents who had seen those or other psychological problems, three times more likely to cease to drive their children to the clinic before the end of the required course. The course with the case of these parents, even when completed, were three times less effective.

Among other factors affecting the effectiveness of the fight against obesity, experts have called the financial difficulties of parents, and behaviors of the children themselves. It was also noted that the 14 children who received psychological help along with various measures to burning fat more often successfully completed the course.

Scientists hope that these data will allow to better understand the nature of childhood obesity and, consequently, more effectively deal with it, given the subtleties, whose influence on the child’s weight may not seem the most obvious.

The study was published in the scientific journal the Journal of Pediatrics.


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