Experts have found out what is different about the front drive from the rear

Эксперты выяснили, чем отличается передний привод от заднего

Type of drive depends on what axis the rotation is transmitted. Are cars with front, rear and all-wheel drive. Today will be touched on the first two types.

In models with rear-wheel drive coil generally located in the front part and the rear part is a leading. This type of drive was invented originally for mass production, and front-wheel drive appeared a little later.

Among the advantages of rear-wheel drive car can provide high efficiency, since the weight transfer on the rear of the car, the grip gets better and the likelihood of pushback reduced.

Also cars with rear wheel drive have better handling because they have a small turning radius and uniform mass distribution. Among other things, to travel by car with rear wheel drive is more comfortable due to the lack of vibration in the cabin.

However, there are some disadvantages to machines with this type of drive, one of these — high risk of skidding in bad weather due to the fact that the front wheel rear brake when turning.

In fact, SRT design rear-wheel drive car is more complex (for example, a propeller shaft), the interior of these machines is much less and the cost of repair above that is often the main reason for the choice in favor of models with front wheel drive.

In a car with front-wheel drive, all the driving force is directed to the front wheels. They first became available in the early twentieth century. The main advantage of such machines, as already mentioned above, is their affordable price, but this is not the only plus. For example, such a machine is more stable due to the fact that the movement and control are on the front wheels.

Also, this car will have a more spacious interior and a high resistance to skidding on turns in wet weather.

The disadvantages of front-wheel-drive can be attributed to the long acceleration of the machine due to the inferior grip. Cars with this drive require more frequent repairs due to wear and tear hung the front wheels. In a car with front wheel drive the vibration is observed, and therefore, drivers often have to install power steering.

In the end, is to say that every driver needs to make a choice on the basis of the above pros and cons, but also from their own skills and needs in driving.

We must remember that cars with rear and front-wheel drive has a different algorithm of actions in the skid and require different approaches to repair.