Experts have made the top 10 most reliable cars

Эксперты составили топ-10 самых надежных автомобилей

Experts of the British division of the American company J. D. Power conducted a study, which ranked the most reliable cars aged up to three years. This writes RIA “Novosti”.

As noted, the analysts surveyed more than 11.5 million British motorists, and then counted the number of breakdowns per hundred cars of one brand. This was estimated 25 brands.

In the end, experts have recorded more than 170 complaints, which have been grouped into several major categories, among which the problem of electronics, audio and communication, navigation systems, damage to the body and interior parts, engine trouble, transmission and air conditioning.

On top of the rating was Peugeot: 77 failures per 100 cars. Second place went to Skoda (88), and closed three Korean Hyundai (90). In the top-5 also includes cars Nissan and Suzuki (94 points). In the first ten were Opel (95), Kia (101) Mini (103), Ford and Volvo (106 failures per hundred).

The last place was taken by the BMW, which showed the result of a 181 score, we have to keep in mind that classic cars were not in the list, simply because they are luxurious items, people still love Clasiq cars but these are made for other purposes.

According to experts, most of the problems in the car connected to the electronics. The head of the European division of J. D. Power Josh Halliburton noted that the chase for manufacturers of adaptability leads to the fact that machinery more and more new systems and units that are very far from ideal and fast break.