Experts have named the leading Russian regions in sales of cars with mileage

Эксперты назвали ведущие российские регионы по продажам авто с пробегом

The specialists of the Agency “AUTOSTAT” conducted an investigation, the results of which ranked the largest regional market of passenger cars with a run in the first quarter of 2019.

According to a study in the first place, as before, was the suburbs. In this region bought of 73.2 thousand. Second place went to Krasnodar Krai for three months there were sold 59,3 thousand cars with mileage. Three was closed by the Russian capital. Moscow the amount of “secondary” was 57.8 thousand.

The ten largest secondary markets included St. Petersburg (38,5 thousand), Rostov oblast (33.7 thousand), Sverdlovsk oblast (33.4 K), Bashkiria (30.7 thousand), Chelyabinsk oblast (28,5 thousand), Tatarstan (28,2 thousand) and Novosibirsk oblast (27.6 thousand units).

Earlier, auto experts has made a rating of Russia’s most popular SUVs and crossovers with mileage. The top 10 was headed by LADA 2121 Niva, which found 7 867 new owners (+2.4 percent).