Experts have warned about the dangers of toothbrushes

Эксперты предупредили об опасности зубных щёток

Experts have found on the toothbrushes of molecules of triclosan

Scientists from the University of Massachusetts, conducted an important study in which found that after brushing on the bristles of toothbrushes for a long time remain the molecules of triclosan contained in toothpaste, reports the with reference on HealthyLifestyle.

Thus, people using toothbrushes are exposed to triclosan in uncontrolled doses that may cause harm to their health.

Informed experts came to the conclusion that triclosan disrupts hormones, as well as develops the body’s resistance to antibiotics and contributes to the emergence of superbugs, which cannot be destroyed.

The study, published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, showed that after one brushing, the molecules of triclosan are retained in the brush for two weeks.

While it is not established exactly how triclosan affects human health and the environment, but there is evidence that getting into rivers and lakes with sewage, these molecules have a detrimental effect on fish, says U.S. News & World Report.


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