Experts statistics showed that spending money Ukrainians in 2019

Эксперты показали статистику, на что тратили деньги украинцы в 2019 году

In 2019 Ukrainians are actively buying online. A new world trend in our country: much faster than a traditional sale, grew up in 2019 the Internet sales. Customers prefer to shop online without going to the traditional stores, because it is in many aspects the modern man.

In 2019 most bought the Ukrainians, told the experts of the group of companies EVO (includes large marketplace Ukraine).

It turned out, the leaders of products for purchase online in 2019 in Ukraine was clothing and footwear, appliances and electronics, consumer goods, cosmetics and perfumery. At the same time, the most rapidly growing demand in Internet shops for home goods, books, goods for hobby and for cars.

While e-Commerce in Ukraine is rapidly transferred to mobile phones: 70% of customers come to the marketplace on smartphones, and only 30% from computers and laptops. About half of the customers have become accustomed to ordering products online through the mobile app.

During the first 11 months of this year, the people of Ukraine on the Internet purchased goods 76 billion, this represents about 12% of all sales.

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