Experts told about errors that lead to failure of the gearbox

Эксперты рассказали об ошибках, которые ведут к поломке коробки передач

Transmission modern cars is considered to be a reliable unit in compliance with the basic rules of operation. But often drivers make mistakes that cause costly transmission repair.

The journalists, together with the craftsmen of the service station told how not to behave behind the wheel, so you do not have to repair the transmission. The main mistake – a careless attitude to the oil level. The most important thing for the safety of the transmission to maintain the quality of the cast transmission oil and do not forget to change it.

The driver just need to be more careful with the clutch – the most vulnerable part of the Assembly is a thrust bearing. Automatic transmission are more complicated and require more delicate handling. Experts do not recommend to drive the car from cold and to avoid unjustified sudden acceleration, for example, “to tear” with a traffic light. Rope-towing cars with automatic transmission are contraindicated. In a desperate situation should be towed no faster than 30 km/h on distance no more than 30 miles to avoid overheating the box. To resume towing is possible only after cooling of the PPC, not less than 30 minutes.

If a car with automatic transmission stuck in the sand or snow, it is impossible to put pressure on the gas is a direct way to kill the transmission. One way out: to dig and to put under the wheels of the Board, or any other means by which the machine can gently get out of the trap. Compliance with these simple rules will keep the operation of the vehicle, which ultimately save money, health and nerves.

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