Experts told about simple ways to prevent allergies

Эксперты рассказали о простых способах профилактики аллергии

Experts have told how you can reduce allergenicity of products and what habits can be a good prevention of disease. It was about this during a round table on the theme “Strengthening of immunity and seasonal exacerbation of allergic reactions”, RIA “Novosti”.

“The safest way to reduce the allergenicity of food is it being cooked. While the meat or fish it is recommended to cook three times, pouring the broth”, – said the Deputy chief freelance nutritionist Ministry of health of Russia, Professor Alla Pogozheva. She stressed that in this process of preparation of the products go all pollutants, additives and other harmful substances.

According to doctor of biological Sciences, microbiologist Svetlana Zubatova, it is very important to ventilate the room. According to experts, people will not stand up to epidemiological rules in your house: break the ventilation, which leads to allergies. It is also necessary to respect the day and to be on the street at least four hours, said the specialist.

Head of Centre of Allergology and immunology, clinical hospital No. 52 Daria Fomina in turn, noted that more than any other suffer from allergies, the inhabitants of megacities. She was advised to pay special attention to the prevention of disease, to educate the “respect your health” and at the first symptoms to seek help from professionals.

Earlier, the Ministry of health gave tips on dealing with allergic reactions to dust of various plants. Experts recommend Allergy sufferers to undergo symptomatic therapy. You can take antihistamines the second generation, and nasal inhaled steroids. In addition, we recommend that you change the climate.