Experts told about the deadly dangers of LEDs

Эксперты рассказали о смертельной опасности светодиодов

French scientists conducted a study and came to the conclusion that blue light from LEDs are dangerous to the retina and causes a disturbance of the natural sleep rhythms. On conclusions of experts stated on the website of the National Agency for control in the field of food safety, environment and labour.

In their work, the experts reviewed hundreds of scientific articles dedicated to the “blue bloom”, starting in 2010. It turned out that this radiation increases the risk of age-related macular degeneration that leads to blindness. In addition, some led lamps provoke headache and chronic fatigue.

The doctors write that the light from smartphones, tablets and laptops is not so dangerous because of the low intensity, however in the dark the gadgets turn into a time bomb. The fact that the light disturbs natural circadian rhythms. Harmful effects especially susceptible children as minor ocular lens is not fully formed. The disturbance of circadian rhythms causes metabolic disorders and Oncology.

The French warn that high-power LEDs in headlights of cars or street lamps can be very phototoxic. In addition, they doubt the effectiveness of filters and sunglasses that supposedly block blue light. According to experts, are not the body no harm to the led lamps with a warm white light.

Earlier, British scientists conducted an experiment with spiders, which proved that led lighting has a negative impact on the world.