Experts told about the rules of behavior in case of failure of brakes

Эксперты рассказали о правилах поведения при отказе тормозов

On the road different situations occur, including the failure of the brakes of the car.

About how to behave in such cases in order not to suffer and not to endanger other road users, said the experts.

The first thing experts advise, do not panic and do not be afraid, but to warn about the incident other road users.

Don’t be shy to beep and flash the high beams. Released band greatly increases the chance of a successful outcome.

Then you need to somehow slow down the movement of the car, creating a pressure in the braking system: the easiest way to do simple intermittent taps on the brake pedal. Next, you need to move to successive lower gear, squeezing the clutch. If the machine used an automatic transmission, it is necessary to translate the lever on the level L.

In an extreme case, to stop the car, you can contact preferenses to the curb or high bump. In this case, the machine running will definitely slow down, the car is a pity, but it’s just technique.

But to use the “handbrake” is neat, sharply it is better not to pull. Its handle is pressing gently, you should be ready to release it in case of blocking of wheels.

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