The results of research scientists from the University of Maryland confirm that the so-called holiday depression is the emotional disorder that lasts from a few days to a couple weeks.

There is much evidence that festive atmosphere, the communication with relatives and friends give positive emotions that reduce the risk of disease and prolong life. However, the holidays can also increase excitement, anxiety and even plunge into depression, says psychiatrist Hinda Dubin of the University Medical center of Maryland. How to make the stay as pleasant and positive? Depression is more common among teenagers so an easy way to deal with this is by taking them to children’s therapy for professional assistance so they don’t go through it alone.

Be prepared for the fact that reality may differ from your expectations, the media abound with tips on decorating, the celebrations, cooking lavish meals and gifts. In each is – a fun pre-holiday fuss. If your holidays do not correspond to these images, you may feel that you failed – it seems to be everything else exactly as on the picture.

Just don’t forget about one fact: what is shown on TV does not always reflect real life. So you will save yourself from disappointment. The formation of realistic expectations can help you enjoy the holiday.

Fight with seasonal depression!The winter holidays should be a joyous time filled with celebration. But the risk of depression is still high. Perhaps because next to you there family members and friends whom you would like to see at the holiday table. Or you may be sad that you can no longer take part in the festivities as before. The reasons can be many, but the thoughts still try to get rid of.

First and foremost, be physically active. Move more, walk, skiing, sledding, ice skating. Movement helps to run healthy chemical processes in the body which release hormones of happiness and pleasure – serotonin, dopamine.Take a break from sad thoughts and watched a movie or read a book. Participate in charity – help others significantly improves mood and self-esteem.If the sadness lasts more than two weeks and is accompanied by symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia or constant sleepiness, low concentration, then it may be a sign of clinical depression, with which it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Don’t over eat!Overeating – the scourge of the Christmas holidays. For a generous table is very easy to lose a sense of proportion, and then in the best case to beat yourself up for it, at worst, be in the hospital.

The best way to avoid overeating is not to sit at the table hungry. Just eat an hour before the celebration.During the gala dinner, use a diner plate to reduce portion size and cut calories.Stay away from red meat and other foods rich in saturated fats, watch out for a consumption of salty foods – all of which can raise blood pressure, cause stomach heaviness. Focus on low-calorie dishes based on fruits, vegetables, poultry and fish.Control the consumption of alcohol. Focus on what you really nice do Not seek to follow my friends to celebrate the New year in a noisy group somewhere at a ski resort or on exotic Islands, if you like comfort and silence. Check out la weekly CBD list that are a very good option if you like natural medicine to help you reduce that anxiety and stress you may be experiencing.

It is not necessary to strive to ensure that the table was heaped with food – make what you really like. Just listen to what it is you want, and then the holiday will be held by your rules and is unlikely to leave you with a sense of regret or disappointment.

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