Experts told how to get rid of the “smartphone” based on

Специалисты рассказали, как избавиться от "смартфонной" зависимости

The smartphone is an integral part of life almost all people today. This is especially true of young people. However, young people often suffer this dependence on these gadgets. So the experts decided to gather a few tips on how to overcome this dangerous psychological illness, according to the portal News.

For the most intemperate of users who always want to check the status or notification, there is a radical solution – multiple applications downloaded to the smartphone. Among them are Freedom, Menthal, Escape, Hold. For example, Freedom allows you to choose the most distracting apps and block them. But Menthal quietly calculates which apps and for what period are used, with whom and how the user communicates that installs and removes.

Специалисты рассказали, как избавиться от "смартфонной" зависимости

In addition, experts say that the desire for digital services is a sign of social and economic failure. And Vice versa — human contact is rapidly increasing in price, but afford it can not all.

In addition, experts claim that the main blame for my addiction lies with the people, as all the matter in self-control. For example, digital world writer NIR Eyal believes that there is no digital addiction, digital addiction, in my own troubles to blame in the first place man. And the company always had human weaknesses, but now it’s on the level of technology.

When the user says to himself: “I’m addicted to gadgets,” he takes responsibility for your own reactions and actions. Therefore, it is worth remembering that no single application can completely cure a person from digital dependence. The important thing is to control yourself.

Специалисты рассказали, как избавиться от "смартфонной" зависимости

It is also important to understand that “digital health” is not built in one hour. It is not enough to deactivate their accounts on social networks, and do not need to do that, if you approach your life consciously.

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