Experts told, what kind of brew you can buy

Эксперты рассказали, какой квас покупать можно

Experts of the Union of consumers of Ukraine told why draught kvass from barrels might be real poison. About it writes “Today”.

On the streets selling draught kvass in just 6 hryvnia Cup. But in the Union of consumers of Ukraine are advised to carefully choose where to buy the drink, as it can be a deadly poison because of dirt in the barrels.

“These barrels can be found and mice, and rats. They swim there – this is unsanitary. Worms in barrels also can be, because for them there is a very comfortable habitat. No one will check barrel opaque, so can’t see anything in it”, – says the Deputy Executive Director of the Union of consumers of Ukraine Mikhail Sharkov.

In addition, very often violate the rules of storage of kvass. Barrels of drink stand for long periods of time under direct sunlight. Fresh brew is not stored more than two days. In-store bottles longer.

And experts from the consumers Union warned that sellers street draught kvass no one checks.

Those Ukrainians who can’t live without in the summer to drink, experts recommend to buy brew in stores or restaurants. There brew is much more expensive, but the likelihood is that there adhere to health standards – much higher.Also, before buying kvass at an undisclosed location, to ask the seller to show the relevant documents and permits that must specify the date of production of the drink.

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