Experts told, what’s the dose of salt can kill a person

Специалисты рассказали, какая доза соли способна убить человека

The overabundance of familiar substances deadly.

American experts Women’s hospital the Brigham in Boston calculated which amount of salt eaten daily, can kill.

Abuse of salt significantly increases the risk of early death in the aftermath of increased pressure and vascular pathologies, said scientists.

In favor of this assertion is indicated by the data studies involving 2 974 volunteers, which was conducted daily medical supervision for 24 years.

All of these people aged 30 to 55 years had the beginning of the experiment, the tendency to arterial hypertension. During the experiment one of them died 272 people.

After analyzing the circumstances of their deaths and comparing them with observations, the scientists noted: dose of salt, which people used to eat is their risk of dying prematurely.

“Relatively safe number from 1.2 to 9 grams of sodium chloride per day. Those who daily ate more than 9 grams of salt puts their health at increased risk of death”, — cites the opinion of experts.


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