Experts want to ban the program for emotion recognition

Эксперты хотят запретить программы для распознавания эмоций

In the annual report of the Institute of AI Now in new York has reported that scientists have proposed to temporarily prohibit recognition of emotions, as the technology at the moment is too “little scientific basis”, and therefore it should not be used in areas that “affect the lives of people.”

Interestingly, the market emotion recognition using machine learning is not hindered by the fact that the scientific evidence that artificial intelligence is capable of this, not — this area is now estimated at about 20 billion dollars and with all that only continues to grow. So, at the moment, many companies are using the technology of emotion recognition to assess applicants for jobs and individuals suspected of committing crimes.

In turn, in its report, AI Now very sharply spoke about the current state of Affairs — scientists officially called for governments and businesses to prohibit the use of face recognition technology as long as artificial intelligence will not be enough to correctly analyze, without any noticeable errors.

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