Explorer Nation: America is much more foreign bases than it claims

The U.S. claim that they have abroad 514 military bases, according to the official data, any bases in Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan they never had, writes The Nation. Meanwhile, according to some estimates, Washington has actually dispersed throughout the world around 800 similar military facilities.

Обозреватель Nation: у Америки гораздо больше зарубежных баз, чем она утверждает

The us government alleges he 514 official military bases abroad, but in reality they could be much more, writes columnist for The Nation by Nick turse. Meanwhile, the Ministry of defense refuses to admit it. According to official data of the Pentagon, the Agency disposes of the property in 45 foreign countries. Of the 514 “objects of the Ministry of defence” abroad, most are in Germany (194 bases), Japan (base 121) and South Korea (83 base). Meanwhile, this list has never had a Syrian base and not even a garrison in Afghanistan or Iraq, which, as you know, there are accurate. According to certain estimates, American bases abroad actually about 800, although this number is nothing more than an educated guess because of the veil of secrecy under which the Pentagon hides the subject. To further confuse others, the military used a set of euphemisms that allow the U.S. defense Department not to call a spade a spade. So, Outpost of the US in Syria “castle Black”, which received this name under the influence of the series “Game of thrones” and who recently hurriedly left the American troops, never base were not considered. It was called “the object of mission support”. Although the Central command of the U.S. Armed forces engaged in military operations in the middle East, recognizes the existence of such objects, it does not provide data about their number. On the question of their Joint task force operations “Unwavering commitment” stated the following: “the Total number and location of different ground support missions are not indicated for reasons of operational security.” American troops left in the North-East of Syria about a dozen outposts. And it is probably the largest mass closure of military bases during the presidency of Donald trump. As the author explains, to assert this, of course, impossible for the simple reason that the Pentagon refuses to present an accurate account of the number of foreign outposts. But despite the fact that Syria was closed quite a lot of bases, this is unlikely to mean a significant reduction in the number of American troops in the region. In addition, the President trump at the moment, possibly moving to an area where there are oil fields in Syria, tanks and armoured vehicles with all the necessary support forces. Thus the President now whether pereprobyval troops in Syria, or simply moving them to another location in the middle East. At the same time, Saudi Arabia’s plan to deploy new American troops. If you take into consideration all of the above, this moment seems to be a reduction in US military presence in the region, it actually increases indicated in the article. In addition, given the propensity of Washington to the middle East military missions, the probability of occurrence in the region an even greater number of American bases is also increasing, says columnist the Nation by Nick turse.Source

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