Explosion of complaints against air carriers

Far from decreasing, the number of complaints from passengers unhappy with the services their airline has literally exploded since mid-December, learned about The Newspaper.

In just one month, the Canadian transportation agency (CTA), responsible for the implementation of the new Charter of passengers ‘ rights, has recorded a total of 2128 complaints solely during the Holiday season, between 15 December and 15 January.

It is not less than double the average number of complaints (1036 complaints per month) received monthly by the CTA since July. In a single month, it is also one-half (50 %) of all complaints recorded by the federal agency (4088 complaints) during the first five months of application of the Charter (15 July to 15 December).

Last month, The Journal revealed that Air Canada was, in the country, the champion in the number of complaints lodged by travellers. With 1631 complaints, the company was referred to by nearly 40 % of the cases received.

Ottawa even more discreet

Air Canada remains the champion of the dissatisfaction of the travelling public in Canada ?

Its failures, related to the implementation of a new computer system are they involved ?

And if not, what would explain such an explosion of complaints ?

On all these questions, the communications team of the CTA remains mouth sewn, having taken the decision to no longer disclose the number of complaints received broken down by objects and airlines involved.

“We are thinking about the best way to communicate these data, explained Martine Maltais, spokesperson for the CTA. The interest of the population and the media is great, but it is also important to understand that we are not statisticians. “

Until further notice, the agency will, therefore, communicate the total number of complaints received, without breakdown by objects or by the airlines referred to.

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