Export serv z Ukrainy scortese mayzhe 40%

Експорт сирів з України скоротився майже на 40%

The volume of the expansion sirv z Ukrainy in SCN-Verein stream rock becoming 5,1 thousands of tons scho 38.5% less than in analogni 2018 rock.

We are talking about TSE in many statistic, apabila on Sait Derzhavno fscale service (DFS). Zgidno s podolany in penny viragen export serv for STI period mensusa 39.5% and becoming 18,65 mllion dollars. The volume morto serv in Ukraine for nine months ive tsogo rock Parveen s analogni period view from the past the rock in natural viragen tbilisisa 8% Resv – to 14.8 thousands of tons and in penny viragen SRS lachey by 2% to 68.28 mllion dollars. Export Shushanik milk I versku z Ukrainy in SCN-Verein in physical viragen scortese 13% and becoming 30,91 thousands of tons, thus a dime SRS 11%, to 65.5 mllion dollars. North CIR products and have swetnam period becoming 1,5 thousands tons in the amount of 3.3 mllion dollars. Also the Ukrainian virobnichi for nine months ive exportului 15,1 thousands of tons verstovogo oil, scho at Razi two less, than for the Samy 2018 rock. From penny viragen export expansion becoming 62,9 mllion dollars, that is 49% less then pokajnica analnogo period view from the past year. Import verstovogo oil in Ukraine for STI period scortese 4% in natural viragen up to 1.3 thousands of tons for the amount of 7.1 mllion dollars.

Ukraine from 2018 year eksportowe 8 thousand tons serv scho 8% less than at year 2017. Import serv in Ukraine for minoli SRS year by 37% – up to 13.7 thousands tons.