Express iPhone Pro 11 disassembly by iFixit

Экспресс-разборка iPhone 11 Pro от iFixit

Even before the official release of a new line of iPhone 11, it was known many details, which the developers said during the presentation. Some of them indirectly confirmed earlier, thanks to numerous rumors and insider information. However, even after the announcement and release of the new iPhone were still some questions about its technical side. To answer some of them, experts from iFixit demonstrated stuffing iPhone 11 Pro in the colors of Midnight Green on the video.

The presenters noted that the manufacturer did not spare glue, as the upper part of the device succumbed parsing not immediately, even after two sessions of warm-up. Primarily for the analysis of new items needed to disconnect the battery, leaving the device of supply. The battery has two connectors, one of which is located on the bottom edge of the charging connector, and the second connects the battery to the motherboard.

The next step is safely disconnecting the display, which this time is fitted with three long strips that eliminates any possibility of strain in the process of disconnecting from the motherboard. From the motherboard the cables are protected with special metal housing, which also must be removed to access the connectors.

Next to the connectors of display fastened with two cable from the main camera, hiding under the cover with four bolts. Triple camera are assembled into a single module, so if needed is very easy to remove and replace. Here you can see a selfie camera with sensors. The connectors on the motherboard are very tight, so attempting to parse the smartphone need to be aware not to damage the adjacent plugs or sockets.

Girl engineer, disassemble the smartphone, said that he always forgets to pull the carriage for the SIM card. It happened this time. After “SIM” is removed and “brain” of your smartphone. Next, go to the feedback module, then left to remove the battery.

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