Eyebrow skins of mice and other facts about the former beauty of that plunged into shock!

In our time, girls can easily find safe cosmetics to learn the basics of makeup video lessons and be in the trend of the fashion world. No inhibitions, no limits! Which is not true of our predecessors….

Брови з шкур мишей та інші факти про колишню красу, які повалять в шок!

1. Pro makeup

Modern makeup is not always considered acceptable. For example, before the Church made a ritual of divorce in just a few minutes, if it was discovered, that the bride married with the makeup, thereby deceiving a future husband on account of its natural beauty. Some ladies, for fear of similar incidents, to somehow decorate, pinched their cheeks and biting his lips, thus creating a glow. What would not appreciate the people of Albion.

During the reign of the Queen of the United Kingdom of great Britain and Ireland was indecent to put on makeup. Deadly pale appearance was an indicator of attractiveness.

2. On eyebrows

Брови з шкур мишей та інші факти про колишню красу, які повалять в шок!

Fashion is cyclical, changing only the tools. Therefore, as in 2017, and in the 1700s the trend was thick and wide eyebrows. Now they are made with permanent makeup, extensions, tinting, some beauties even their natural. And in those days the beauties were those that shaved their eyebrows and pasted in their place artificial skins of mice! Someone disgusting, someone is sorry and someone beautiful.

Shaved eyebrows, but didn’t put anything on top – the ancient Egyptians. And not a sign of involvement in fashion, but in a sign of mourning for the household cat, which, having used all their 9 lives, I went to the cat world. After the funeral of a pet, the whole family was removed from the face of the eyebrows, and while they’ve grown, accepted condolences from others. As the family members all became clear – was irreparable …

Returning to the subject of voluminous eyebrows, not to mention the fact that often men warriors painting themselves large eyebrows, to frighten the enemy. Girls, remember this, when choosing cosmetics for the eyebrows. After all, the main thing is not to scare people, and nice to hit. Good news is that this fashion in the past year.

3. About the lipsБрови з шкур мишей та інші факти про колишню красу, які повалять в шок!
What unites the lipstick and Apple? And the fact that the pigments of these fruits bright red color made the world’s first “gubochkin”. Even the word “lipstick” is translated from Latin as “Apple”. Sounds delicious!

By the way, for 365 days of use of this tool for makeup lip, the girls eat almost three tube contents, or a little more, if you wear it more often than twice a day. But nutritionists will not mind, because the calorie content of lipstick for a slight figure. Eat as many modern cosmetics lip will not work since it’s a decent diversity and sustainability.

4. On nails
Брови з шкур мишей та інші факти про колишню красу, які повалять в шок!
There are several opinions as to who was the trendsetter for long nails. The first version says that the ancient Egyptians. Bright elongated “claws” were a symbol of wealth and wisdom. The poor are also distinguished by the short not painted nails.

The second version – that the Chinese introduced this trend. After all, this manicure meant that they are not Housewives, and ladies of the upper class, but they have no time to do household stuff. Some are so addicted that grew their nails up to a length of 30 cm French men decided to differ, and began to grow a long nail on the little finger exclusively.

What color nail Polish was invented first? At all times a popular shade, in which the manicure is already allergic, is considered to be red, despite the fact that cosmetics for nails includes not only the color.

5. About the hairБрови з шкур мишей та інші факти про колишню красу, які повалять в шок!
Hair dye that you would know at all times – it’s henna. By the way, it was also used in cosmetics and body decoration patterns. Henna was the only means available. Interestingly, it is men who became the pioneers of the hair and the incredible colors in addition to henna.

But the fashion for female exclusively white curls appeared in 1960. Not to say that she completely disappeared, but along with light nowadays you can easily independently change the shades of the tresses of all colors without harm to health with the help of specialized cosmetics for hair. Because there are many balms for protection against chemical exposure. Leaning in the direction of the threads about the smells, we can say that natural blondes skin holds perfume better than owners of other hair colors.

Anyway, the above ways of decorating the exterior in the past. Modern manufacturers every day invent something new in the world of cosmetics and perfumes.

So give the impulses of the soul, and create beauty!

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