F1: Five-time highlights of the GP of Canada

F1: Cinq éditions marquantes du GP du Canada

Played for the first time on the new circuit île Notre-Dame in 1978, the Canadian Grand Prix has been the scene of many events, starting with the first victory in Formula 1, Gilles Villeneuve during this inaugural edition.

This triumph, the first of a Québécois in the discipline-queen of the motor sport, however, is not the lasting memory that fans keep in mind. So here are five races held on the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit that kept the spectators on the tip of their seat.

1995 – Consecration for Alesi



Considered by many connoisseurs as a driver very fast, but very unlucky, Jean Alesi has signed for its one and only victory in Montreal in 1995.

The French has this time been on the good side of fate. Indeed, Michael Schumacher, then with Benetton, was leading the race when a mechanical problem forced him to make a very long pit stop.

Thus, Alesi won at the wheel of a Ferrari number 27, just as had been done by the deceased Gilles Villeneuve 17 years earlier. An out of gas but was forced to stop on the track during his lap of honour, and he took advantage of a “lift” for Schumacher to return to the wells.

Very popular in Montreal, Alesi was in fact run of the supporters on the route in the earlier.

1999 – The wall of champions



The car enthusiasts have all heard of the “wall of champions” at the exit of the iconic turn 13 of the circuit Gilles-Villeneuve. It was in 1999, while a advertising of the government of Québec on which one could read “Welcome to Quebec” appeared in it, that he became famous.

This year there are three world champions who have finished their course at this location. Damon Hill (13th round), Michael Schumacher (30th) and Jacques Villeneuve (35th) have so stamped the concrete wall.

A first driver, or Ricardo Zonta, had made the same error as the third loop. If he has not been champion in F1, he had just, the previous season, to be crowned in the GT championship of the international automobile Federation (FIA).

Mika Hakkinen, the only champion still in contention after all these accidents, took advantage of the troubles of others to win the race. He has been crowned champion by two points at the end of the campaign.

2007 – The birth of a legend



In 2007, the GP has been marked by numerous incidents and several drop-outs, which have forced four neutralisations, which represents a record for the event in montreal at this time.

Among all these incidents, however, it is the horrible accident of Robert Kubica who had marked the spirits. The Polish has indeed made an exit ramp and struck with full force a concrete wall at 230 km/h. His car was completely destroyed and he suffered a slight head injury and a sprained ankle.

During this time, at the front, Lewis Hamilton, turned to a position of the head in victory. It was also his first triumph in his career, he played his sixth in a race only in the discipline.

2011 – The multiple lift Button



Among all the elements that can improve the show in F1, the rain is at the top of the list. The 2011 edition took place on a road that is wet from the beginning to the end. So, everything was in place for a classic.

Interrupted due to a thunderstorm for two hours, the race has been the theatre of a race of anthology for Jenson Button. Having put an end to the efforts of his team-mate Hamilton and Fernando Alonso because of fixings, it has had to stop six times to the well. It is among others found good last approximately mid-way during the race.

Helped by an intervention of the safety car and change the tires to the sec in a timely manner, Button moved up into second place. At the very last lap, he finally pushed Sebastian Vettel at fault to win the race.

By the way, this race still holds to this day the record for the longest in the history of F1. It took place in 4 h 4 min 39 s.

2014 – brake Failure



In 2014, a new technical regulation has allowed the team to Mercedes to establish a complete dominion over his opponents. The German company has won 16 of 19 races, but the GP of Canada has not been named to this list.

The silver Arrows have dominated the first row in qualifying and were headed to another victory when trouble brakes put an end to the race of Hamilton.

Author of the pole position, Nico Rosberg drove to victory when he himself has had to reduce the pace to bring down the temperature of the brakes. Daniel Ricciardo, who played his first season at Red Bull, took the opportunity to pass and sign a first victory in F1.

The race has also been marked by a violent accident at the very last lap. Contact between Sergio Perez and Felipe Massa, who were fighting for the fourth place, was at the origin of a violent off-track of the two men. The race is finished behind the safety car.

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