F1 : Lance Stroll disappointed not to ride in Monaco this year

F1 : Lance Stroll déçu de ne pas rouler à Monaco cette année

The Quebec Lance Stroll was disappointed not to have the chance to attend the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monaco this season, since the event was cancelled for the first time since 1954 due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

The call to monaco was to take place Sunday. Stroll explained that this race is run on a circuit very close and leaving little room for error, provided the “cool sensations”.

“When a Formula 1 car comes to life around Monaco, it’s something else, said Stroll in a press release of his team Racing Point, at the end of the week. You don’t have as much right to margin of manoeuvre than the other circuits. It is necessary to think twice before you put on the brakes a little later and keep a little more speed in the turns.”

“Driving in Monaco is spectacular. This is not a question of race, but rather of the man behind the wheel. These streets are brutal, and you flirt often with the walls. You almost have the feeling of driving in a tunnel. With barriers, you are in your own little world. It is as if nothing else existed during this time.”

Due to the pandemic, the F1 has postponed the beginning of the season 2020. Leaders hope despite being able to hold a campaign, currently working on a new revised schedule. The Canadian Grand Prix could be cancelled.

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