F1: the boss of Ferrari opposed to a drastic reduction in the budget of the stables

F1: le patron de Ferrari opposé à une réduction drastique du budget des écuries

The team principal of Ferrari’s Mattia Binotto, opposed to a drastic reduction of the budget of F1 in response to the crisis of the sars coronavirus, has left the door open to a change in strategy for Ferrari in the sport auto, if such a decision was taken.

“The level of 145 million dollars (135 million euros) is already a demand for new and demanding compared to what had been set in June (175 million, which is € 160 million, a maximum annual expenditure from 2021 onwards, editor’s note). This can not be achieved without major sacrifices, especially in terms of human resources, ” said Binotto, who was interviewed by the british daily The Guardian.

“If this was to be further lowered, we would not like to be put in the position of having to consider other options for deploying our DNA of the race “, he developed.

In a clarification sent to the press, the Scuderia said that Binotto ” had never spoken of leaving the F1, on the contrary. He said that we would not like to be forced to consider other options, in addition to continuing the F1 (…) in case the budget ceiling would be even more reduced, putting at risk hundreds of jobs. ”

Following the cancellation or the postponement of the first nine Grands Prix of the year 2020, discussions are underway to lower the ceiling on annual budget provided to the teams on the basis of 2021, in order to maintain the smallest significant loss of business revenues this year.

– Decisions “on the fly” -McLaren, in particular, calls down up to $ 100 million (90 million euros).

Binotto, whose team has more than 400 million euros of budget according to the estimates, argues against ” reduce costs in a linear way, arguing that the teams are aware of the different situations according to their size, their organization, their geography, or even if they provide the parts to customers.

The Italian engineer said, worry about the consequences of decisions taken in ” quick-and-dirty (…) without clearly assess the consequences “.

“F1 should be the pinnacle of motorsport in terms of technology and performance,” he said. It must be attractive for the manufacturers and the sponsors who want to be linked to the most prestigious of the categories. If we take steps to limit excessive costs, we risk significantly reduce the level. ”

He, like the boss of Red Bull’s Christian Horner, rather than reduce costs, Binotto offers large stables provide short-term their single-seaters the smaller.

“Wouldn’t it be a sacrilege, knowing that it has happened in the past in F1 and that this is the case today in series such as the MotoGP,” he continued.

Only team to have participated in every season of F1 since 1950, Ferrari has been regularly used in the past its status of a monument of the sport to voice its positions.

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