Fabulous fabricator

Ariane DesLions’ merry musical hardware is making its way. A lot of way. After presenting her songs to the European public this summer and having launched her first mini-album this fall, the Sherbrooke artist has been named spokesperson for Le Tandem (Center for Social Pediatrics in the Magog Community) and she was selected for a showcase at ROSEQ. Because recognition never comes alone, at the recent Arts and Culture Awards in Estrie, she also won the Prix de la Relève.

“That, I did not expect it and it’s really a nice present,” she says. It allowed me to make myself known to a wider audience. ”

Since then, the invitations multiply. Shows and workshops flourish in the agenda: schools, CPE and dissemination sites in the province are waiting for the “fabricoleuse” musician and his acolyte Ti-You (Simon Bergeron), in the coming months. Europe reinvents the two artists three times rather than one next summer. And the indigenous community of Kitcisakik where they put their musical toolbox, recently, may well become the anchor of an upcoming artistic residency.

“I absolutely want to go back, take the time to create something with them. We really shared the life of the community there, and it was fantastic. ”

In short, the stars are pretty well aligned for the one who worked as a social worker before choosing to focus on children’s music. His original compositions, all in rhythms and colors, address sensitive topics such as emotion management, immigration, separation of parents.

“Because there was a demand, I also developed teaching materials related to the subjects of the songs,” says the creative singer, who has been making music since childhood and who makes her own instruments. from recycled objects.

Gougoune O’Phone, funkyflute, rattle with emo-sounds, ucolore and soumariflute are some of the beautiful musicians that came out of his rich imagination. By popular demand, she is refining a detailed instruction manual to create her own sound machines, at home.

Intrigued? Ariane DesLions is performing in Sherbrooke next Sunday (December 17th). With his songs as sparkling as relevant. And all his intriguing bric-a-brac musical.

“The essence of the show is the same, people will see My musical hardware on stage, but because it’s almost Christmas time, we have adapted it to the Christmas theme. ”

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