Facebook at the request of Ukraine will make a number of innovations

Employees of major social networks promise to Ukraine to take measures to reduce foreign influence on elections.

Facebook на прохання України внесе ряд нововведень

Representatives of the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine met with delegation of Facebook to discuss further steps to strengthen information security before the elections in spring and autumn, informs Rus.Media.

This was reported by the press service of the MIP.

It is noted that special attention during the meeting was paid to the issue of protection of Ukrainian segment of the social network from external influence.

The head of public policy Facebook Europe Gabriella Cseh, present during the negotiations, assured the representatives of the Ukrainian government that the company intends to strengthen security measures in the coming weeks.

Minister of information policy of Ukraine Yuriy stets expressed gratitude to the representatives of the social network are entered for verification of accounts and counteract the “fake news”.

“We appreciate the collaboration with Facebook in the field of information security, including verification of the Ukrainian authorities, opposition to fake news and efforts to ensure non-interference in elections in Ukraine – both presidential and parliamentary,” said the Minister.

Also the head of the security Department of Facebook electoral Anika Gesell noted that now in the detail section on the pages you can learn the country of origin of the page, the information about the administrator and run the page.

On 25 January during the world economic forum in Davos the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and received from her a promise to promote fair and transparent elections in Ukraine in spring and autumn. The bulk of the agreements, according to the President, concerned the interaction of special services on issues of cyber security of state institutions and organizations in Ukraine.

Earlier, the Chairman of the foreign intelligence Service of Ukraine Yegor Bozhok said that the enemy had appropriated an amount of $ 350 million to carry out subversive activities ahead of the presidential elections in Ukraine. The goal of the campaign is an attempt to change the leadership in the Ukraine to put the country back under the protectorate of Russia.

The representative of the intelligence said that the enemy is counting on a “shutdown” in Ukraine after the change of political leadership.