Facebook deleted messages Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook удалил сообщения Марка Цукерберга

The administration of the social network Facebook removed the message of its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, from conversations with users in the messenger. According to the portal TechCrunch, it was made in the context of corporate security.

Several owners of Facebook accounts to a former correspondence with Zuckerberg, noticed that his posts are gone, but their message remained intact. The administration explained this introduced in 2014 by limiting the period of storage of personal messages of the founder. “We did this in full compliance with our legal obligations under the conservation message,” said staff.

Changes 2014, according to Facebook representatives, have been associated with hacker hacking and leakage in the network of personal data of employees of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Messages sent by Zuckerberg to 2014 still available corresponded with him users. Mention some of the staff Facebook.

However, for communications in the social media messenger for the confidentiality agreement, there is no storage period. Earlier the administration of the social network never made public statements regarding the removal of posts without the knowledge of user.

These measures can be associated with the scandal caused by data breaches of tens of millions of Facebook users through an affiliated with the social network company Cambridge Analytica. The firm collected data on users using the application for surveys thisisyourdigitallife, and then sold the arrays to outside organizations, including political headquarters. 21 Mar Zuckerberg published online message in which he acknowledged that Facebook did not justify the trust of users. At last count, Cambridge Analytica got access to personal data 87 million users of Facebook.

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