Facebook has given Russia access to personal data of users

Russian Mail.ru Group got to sphere of attention of Facebook group as part of the investigation of abuse of user data by the British company Cambridge Analytica. As reported on Wednesday, July 11, CNN, Mail.ru Group has developed hundreds of apps for Facebook, some of which remained unpublished. As reported the press service of the social network, only two applications received a two-week permit to collect data.

Facebook предоставил России доступ к личным данным пользователей

“For the last 6 months, we learned that Facebook had little control over the collection and use of user data by third parties. Now we learned that Russia’s largest technology company, whose leaders are closely linked with Vladimir Putin, potentially had hundreds of applications that have been integrated with Facebook and was able to collect user data. If so, we need to determine what information was transmitted via Mail.ru and what could be done with the findings,” said mark Warner, the representative of the Democratic party in the Senate.

Until 2015, in some cases, when users interacted with Facebook applications developed by third-party developers, the developer not only received information for the user, but his or her friends, including name, gender, date of birth, location , photos and what they noted as “liked” on Facebook. In 2014, the social network announced that it is changing policy and will restrict developers access to the data. Representatives Mail.ru Group told CNN that the Russian company has launched on the Facebook platform about 20 games.

Aimee Archibald, Vice President of partnerships at Facebook, told CNN that the Internet giant has not yet any evidence that Mail.ru Group improperly used information. Along with this, Archibong noticed that the investigation is ongoing, and did not answer the question of whether Facebook can determine as the Russian company used the data obtained. The social network did not state how many user data received Mail.ru Group or if you’ve received any data on American citizens.

Mail.ru Group controlled by USM Holdings, a company founded by Alisher Usmanov, which was included in published in January by the U.S. Treasury Department list of businessmen connected with the Kremlin. Russian investor Yuri Milner was the Chairman of the Mail.ru Group, until he retired in 2012. Milner told Forbes magazine that he was then a member of the innovation Commission of the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev between 2009 and 2011.

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