Facebook has written the first penalty for “Cambridge Analytica”

Company Facebook was first exhibited fine because of the cooperation with Cambridge Analytica, for which leakage of user data.

Facebook выписали первый штраф по «делу Cambridge Analytica»

About it reports The Guardian.

According to the publication, the Office of the Commissioner for information in the UK came to the conclusion that the actions of Facebook have violated the data protection Act 1998.

So, the company was fined in the amount of 500 thousand pounds (about 660 thousand dollars., — ed.).

“Facebook was unable to provide such protection, they must comply with in accordance with the data protection Act…My goal is to start the process of change and to rebuild trust and confidence in our democratic system,” said Commissioner according to Elizabeth Denham.

As you know, earlier around social network Facebook scandal — the company sold Cambridge Analytica access to confidential data 87 million users.

Later it became known that the company Cambridge Analytica involved in the scandal around the use of personal data of users of social network Facebook, it ceases. Thus, the company is experiencing serious financial difficulties, losing a large number of customers in recent months and faced with numerous lawsuits.

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