Facebook loses the trust of users

Facebook теряет доверие пользователей

Account holders Facebook no longer trust the social network, but some consider it a threat to democratic society. This is evidenced by the results of public opinion polls published by news Agency Reuters and German newspaper Bild.

According to a study by Reuters/Ipsos, only 41 percent of Americans continue to fully trust Facebook in the issue of data processing. Other respondents doubt that the Corporation complies with all requirements of the laws on the protection of personal information.

These indicators are the lowest in the rating of trust of users IT giants: for example, 62 percent of respondents are willing to transfer the personal data of Google Google Inc, about the same — Microsoft.

The results of the poll published by Bild, was forced to think about large reputational losses for the company. According to polls, 60 percent of respondents believe that social networks had a negative impact on democracy.

Experts believe that the global Exodus of users from Facebook yet. “To abandon such platforms as Facebook, psychologically difficult, it is firmly rooted in the lives of people”, — commented Internet analyst Debra Williamson (Debra Williamson). In her opinion, the loss of confidence does not always mean complete failure of the audience from the service.

Last week, the network was launched flashmob called deletefacebook: users deleted their profiles in social networks, concerned about the lack of security of their data. The movement was supported by the head of Tesla and Space X Elon Musk. The company’s shares on the market fell 14 percent.

March 19, CNN reported about the data breach of 50 million users through Facebook affiliated with the social network company Cambridge Analytica. The firm collected data about the users using the application for surveys thisisyourdigitallife, and then sold the arrays to outside organizations, including political headquarters. 21 Mar CEO mark Zuckerberg published in the network statement, which acknowledged that Facebook did not justify the trust of users.

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