Facebook may introduce a paid opt

Facebook может ввести платный отказ от рекламы

Company Facebook in the near future can enter paid the rejection of the ad on its site. About it the Executive Director of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg said in an interview with NBC.

Other details of the introduction of paid opt-out were not disclosed. While Sandberg pleaded guilty in the Facebook data leak of more than 87 million us users, which were collected by research company Cambridge Analytica. Probably, these data were later used to develop advertising campaigns for the presidential elections in the United States.

Revenue of Facebook in 2017, increased by 47% compared with the year 2016, to $40 billion, and net profit — on 56% — to $15.5 billion With virtually all Facebook revenue comes from mobile ads, with 89% of the total.

Many mobile operators charge for failure user from advertising. For example, subscribers of the operator “MegaFon” has to connect a special option “waiver of advertising banners” that the company inserts into all sites that use the unsecured HTTP Protocol. Serving Wi-Fi in the Moscow underground the company “Maximalism” also earns revenue from paid ban on displaying advertising to users. It is known that in the middle of 2017 the services of a paid cancellation of advertising in the subway was used more than 150 thousand people. Then, it cost about 177 dollars a month.

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