Facebook: up to 50 people can chat in the chat rooms video

Facebook: jusqu’à 50 personnes pourront jaser dans les salles de discussion vidéo

Facebook has announced new features to allow its users to stay connected in the confinement period.

The number of audio and video calls made through WhatsApp or Messenger more than doubled last month, and views Facebook Live and Instagram Live have experienced a massive increase.

Facebook offers a few new features to enhance the calling features video of its platforms. Here they are.


Chat rooms Messenger

New video calling service which up to 50 people can participate. Users can find rooms and enter, but also to control who enters and sees the room. Participants will be able to have fun with filters and backgrounds.

The chat rooms can be created directly in Messenger or Facebook, and soon, Instagram Direct, WhatsApp and Portal. The guests, themselves, do not need to have account Facebook.




Video calls, WhatsApp will now be able to accommodate eight people, while the previous limit was four.


Facebook Dating

The dating service Facebook Dating will soon be offering video calls by Messenger to encourage users to make their appointment in the virtual world.


New ways to access the services of the live broadcast

On Facebook, there will be the option to Live With, that allows you to have a guest during live broadcasts, such as Instagram.

Instagram has been enriched with new functionality that will allow users to watch live streaming on Instagram, on their computer, and stream live content on IGTV (not just stories ephemeral).

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