Facebook, which is more used than ever, loses advertising revenue

Facebook, plus utilisé que jamais, perd des revenus publicitaires

SAN FRANCISCO | Facebook see his activity increase and its revenue crumble as hundreds of millions of people confined in the world because of the pandemic of sars coronavirus spend more time online, said the social network Tuesday.

“In many countries heavily affected by the virus, the volume of exchanged messages has more than doubled in a month,” said Alex Schultz, and Jay Parikh, two vice-presidents of the group, in a press release.

The explosion of digital usages and also includes audio and video calls via WhatsApp and Messenger. In Italy, home of the epidemic in Europe, “the time spent in calls in a group [with 3 participants and more) has jumped by 1000% over the last month.”

This trend will continue so that many other european countries, america and africa are now implementing instructions of containment. More than 2.6 billion people in the world are called to stay home.

For the global network dominant, this increase in visitors does not result in higher incomes, on the contrary.

“We derive no profit services whose users are more than usual, and we see our advertising activity to be weakening in countries that take drastic measures to reduce the spread of the COVID-19”, explained Mr. Schultz and Mr. Parikh.

Not to mention the increased pressure on the servers, and all of its teams, from the engineers to the moderators who are working at home to ensure that the applications of the giant technologies remain “fast and reliable”, despite the “daily records”.

Like Netflix or YouTube, the platform had to decide to temporarily reduce the flow rate to the videos on Facebook and Instagram in some regions.