Factory confabulation

Фабрика конфабуляций

The best way to start treatment, and thus begin to fight for the lives — to make the correct diagnosis. Analyzing the theses and pearl of the Ukrainian expert communities in a single cycle, that is, the waiting period is a significant event to its accomplishment, I came to the conclusion that almost all of the community is a form of collective insanity. Almost all experts of Ukraine live in a world of confabulation. And frankly I don’t consider “uporotyh” characters from the city or of the party “Freedom”, I see only “moderate”, which, they believe, is an objective stance and give voice dry expert evaluation.

Confabulation was first described by German scientist and psychiatrist Karl Ludwig Kahlbaum in the nineteenth century. Under the confabulation is commonly understood memory disorder, often accompany progressive amnesia: the events that actually occurred, antirussia (“forgotten”), and the resulting gaps in memory are filled in with fiction. Confabulation can fill in the memory gaps of the patient, however, the availability of memory spaces for the formation of confabulation not necessarily, they can be formed in the absence of amnesia. The content of confabulation is often fantastic but it is not always necessary.

Distinguish confabulation in content and origin. Classification of them quite extensive, but in this case we are only interested in inspired fantastic confabulation. Their cycle of development in the Ukrainian expert community takes place in four stages.

Step one: there is a negative event or process, entailing, for example, the loss of reputation of Ukraine, that is, a typical “zrada”.

Step two: is a substitution of concepts and persistent indoctrination through mass media to residents that what happened is not “zrada” and an ordinary event with a smooth transition in the “great Peremoga”.

Step three: formed inflated “peremozhny” expectations, since in the previous stage supposedly happened “Peremoga”.

Step four: all expert expectations or predictions do not come true, and triumphant “zrada”.

After that, Ukrainian experts are trying this subject to do more to raise and switch the attention of Ukrainian society to the next event or process with exactly the same cycle.

Let us consider an example with the Crimean bridge. When it became clear that its construction was launched, many experts on Central Ukrainian TV channels have predicted that Moscow will be building some budgets and not build anything, and the destruction of the Russian budget is “a big victory”.

After the automobile part of the bridge was put into operation, three days stood indignant noise, but then the topic abruptly “damped”, and since then, the “expert predictions” on the Crimean bridge, no one in the Ukrainian media is not remembered.

The same thing happened with the world Cup, with the “Northern stream ― 2”, to “Turkish stream”. And, of course, with great expectations from the channel summit. It turns out that Germany is no ally, and a few tens of billions in bags of cash for the restoration of Donbass Merkel Zelensky in a minivan is not pushed. Macron on the rights of the owner just grinned good-naturedly, and Brock Miller is forced to pay three billion and sign a contract for a period of ten years in Ukraine. And most importantly, horror of horrors, all three of them, along with the Dark, bowed ze-President confirm already pre-prepared communiqué reaffirmed the commitment to the Minsk agreements!

But predicted the group obstruction Putin and the announcement of the great “Peremogi” Zelensky over the master of the Kremlin upon return to Ukraine.

You think someone from the “forecasters” recalled his prophecy the next day after the summit? Of course not. Create a smoke screen of information stuffing that Surkov has lost his nerve, that Zelensky reined in Lavrov that Zelensky won Putin imposing his game that Vladimir, fortunately for the people of Ukraine, turned to Peter.

But the worst thing for Ukraine is not the process itself, and the fact that it is a recursive function — a function that in its records contain themselves. That is, the current authorities in Kiev do not have to force experts to confabulation — they all do very well in automatic mode. Ukrainian experts after the completion of one event quickly switch attention of the townsfolk to another.

It provides residents of Ukraine solid dome, to break through which is very difficult. And whenever a significant and high-profile event or process expert community creates inflated expectations, and residents perceive the current process as a landmark and host to the “peremoge”. Then there is “zrada” and switching to a new “paramone” event, which fills the audience with the euphoria of the approaching “Peremogi”.

Nothing like? Yes, you read that right, a good old technology used on the Maidan.

But what’s worse, experts, forming a “package” pleasant expectations, they begin to believe in them. And after the frustration are made to look guilty. It may be the Europeans who “betrayed” Ukraine, together with its democratic values and Euro-Atlantic aspirations, has not given money. It can be “Muscovites”, which for two years has deprived the budget of Ukraine revenues in the amount of $ 150 billion. It may be Americans that have not bowed to Russia and again was not given money.

But they never come, what their expectations were fantastic as it was based on incorrectly interpreted events. At least in Ukrainian media, I have never heard of at least one recognition expert that his unfulfilled prediction was false and it is forecast there were no preconditions.

So it turns out that it is not Ukraine’s flawed economic model, but simply traitors-Europeans do not give money to the young democratic Republic. And the battle in debaltseve ukrovoyska not lost to the volunteers of the Donbass, and half a million army bronekopytnye Buryatia with the support of three thousand of the latest Russian tanks.

Such a model of functioning of the expert community, by definition, is destructive though, because that prevents society to understand the real issues and challenges. Problems are portrayed as minor and easily solved, and the monetary and moral support of non-existent allies for granted. Moreover, the arguments and facts that do not suit the current Ukrainian elite will be rejected as seditious and fake. Taken for granted the unconditional support of the collective West and the inferiority of Russia. Periodic denials of these two axioms in the form of “zrada” in another of the processes promptly forgotten, and the information field is filled with new positive expectations.

In such circumstances it is impossible to take adequate measures to remedy the situation. But the real problems in Kiev has accumulated more than enough. This and road, railroad, and the increasing budget deficit, the debt space, the collapse of production, problems with nuclear power plants with GTS, etc. Because the real problems seriously and for a long time in the esters are not discussed. More time is given to the intrigues in Parliament and periodic expectations Peremoga over the Kremlin with the help of the collective West.

But experts have no right to such information. The experts are a part of the instrumentation on the operational resolution of the accumulated problems of the country, and highly intelligent part. Their conclusions are based on the forecasts of the calculation and application of economic, diplomatic, military and political tools. Their articles and abstracts exploring the various advisers in the government. But the problem is that experts speaking the truth in Ukraine. Any negative, whether the success of Russia or the light of the real problems of Ukraine, is perceived as sedition or Pro-Russian propaganda.

This led to the fact that most sane Ukrainian experts, journalists and political analysts were in Russia. In Ukraine mostly remained functionaries of the “factory confabulation” serving Western NGOs and the current Ukrainian government. I mean real power, the oligarchs and the Americans, not decorative the choir boys bunnies of “95 quarter”. They perform not the role of impartial analysts, and the raving hysterics, mobilizing poisoned with misinformation the population into unquestioning obedience to the desires of those in power or the curators of the West. Then you and the protests on Bankova street on a call, and the boys were storm troopers with bats to protect “the Ukrainian Nezalezhnosti”, “svidomo” and “gidnost”.

So what can be concluded? The Ukrainian media, together with experts in fact are self-regulating organization of fanatics, for which the confrontation with Russia and all Russian — the meaning of life. That is why for them the consideration of reality is a state crime. This narrative is present in all, even the most reasonable and moderate.

How to get out of this cyclic process? No way. Only with the collapse of the all-Ukrainian anti-Russian project, which will surely happen. Two prerequisites: economic degradation and the looming technological disaster, which Ukraine is undergoing at the same time.

Discuss them in the studios? Sometimes casual and very short. Mainly for gas, the budget, the scandals, the credit and term quick Peremogi over Putin.

As soon as the collapse of the anti-Russian project, will collapse and the notorious Ukrainian news dome, and there is no help, no confabulation. Part of the experts and political analysts will try to integrate into the Russian expert community, as it was in the Crimea. And will tear their vest to show a tattoo on his chest in the form of profiles of Stalin and Putin and prove to everyone foaming at the mouth, they have always been for the Russians and against Bandera. But, as I said, try. One thing at the behest of the oligarchs and specialists of the Department prepared articles to write and give a speech, and quite another to actually compete in the expert field with Russian specialists. The second part of the experts, more numerous, will go to any Canada, will work on sinecure positions for more money and to do harm to Russia.

And while in full swing nationwide process of transformation of “zrada” in “Peremoga”. Everyone is trying to avoid questions about why Zelensky immediately gave Putin in the jaw, not demanded money for the occupation, has not agreed to take control of the border, brought bags of cash for the restoration of Donbass. And gas contract to Ukraine along with the payment is not brought too. And why, with the Europeans trying to pass on Putin, did not suit him worldwide obstruction.

Instead, the information field thanks to the accurate work of the factory confabulation is filled with claims about what happened in Paris “Peremoha”. Yes there Paris! All, absolutely all international sites Ukraine wins a convincing victory over Russia! Putin has shown himself to be unconvincing in Paris! Merkel herself hates Putin! Soon, very soon Russian will be a pleasure to teach, “MOV” tens of millions to go to work to Ukraine and curse the decaying “Raska”. And because the standard of living in Ukraine will be many times higher than in Russia. Crimea will dream about returning to the Ukraine.

Most importantly, let the “gromadyane” just a little more will suffer and you will see that will flow in Ukraine rivers of milk and increase milk and honey. And win nezalezhnaya over Mordor compelling political, military and economic “Peremoga”. Well, Yes, Yes. Would your calves and Yes, our wolf to eat.

The only thing you can say for sure that the rapidly approaching Ukraine economic, infrastructural, technological and manmade disasters will be deprived of the above factory confabulation of energy, and any sense too. And the so-called Ukrainian expert community will sooner or later find that the further transformation of “zrada” in “Peremoga” is simply impossible.

Anatoly Ursida

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