Factory in Beauce: unable to certify masks that could help

Usine en Beauce: incapable de faire certifier des masques qui pourraient aider

A factory in the Beauce has changed its production in order to participate to the effort by Quebec in producing protective equipment for health workers, but its leaders fail to find who could register their product to allow for use in hospitals.

The president of Confection C. Cliche assures us, if the process is approved quickly, it can produce 30 000 masks with its partners and even more if he gets to the field first. However, in spite of efforts with the government, it is impossible to know who to contact to do the testing to certify the product.

“We would like the register, but even the government does not know where to refer”, says Stéphane Cliche, which launches a call to all. “I even made calls to teachers in Cegeps to find out who could approve our product quickly. Because currently, and this is normal with everything that is happening, it is a little home mad at the government”.

Raw material sought

Mr. Cliche and its partners have developed this model of surgical mask is easy to produce using the sewing equipment standard. Several companies in Quebec may be put if the mask gets the certification.

“If it works and is able to find the workforce, seamstresses, after that there is really no limit,” he explains about the production capacity.

“In fact after that, the other question, it’s going to be to obtain the raw material, because everyone runs after the same thing,” says the business man, who usually produces clothes in its factory in Saint-Odilon de Crambourne.

Blouses of protection will also be manufactured by the company over the next few days. The amount, however, will be limited. “It is one partner who had stocks of textiles, and the government has reduced standards to the level of the seams, which will allow us to do. But it has a capacity of 65 000, after that, it’s everything,” says Stéphane Cliche.

Confection C. Cliche also manufactures masks that are destined to other markets than that of hospitals. Its products are sold in Dollorama, but the contractor would like to first help the health workers.

Loss of expertise

Beyond the difficulties of certification, Stéphane Cliche was also against the government’s preparedness in a crisis in the genre. According to him, they do not encourage local procurement in areas of critical activity such as that of health facilities, the Canada and Quebec face the trailer to other countries when a crisis occurs.

“They have the mentality to buy a price above all. It is necessary that it is the cheapest possible and it is correct. But if they kept a 20% purchase in canada in certain industries to keep some players here, it is not to be found in a situation such as the one we saw,” says the business man, who gives the example of the textile industry, where canadian players are rare today, but popular in a time of crisis.

“We threw away the expertise that we had,” just, ” proclaims the head of the firm, which employs 37 people in the Beauce region.


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