Failed Scam: Sumy region the pensioner stood up to the scammer

The man introduced himself as an employee of the Bank, but my grandmother didn’t believe myself deceived swindler.

Невдала афера: На Сумщині пенсіонерка дала відсіч шахраю

An attacker under the guise of a Bank employee tried to get a 69-year-old resident of the city of Sumy access codes to her cards, informs Rus.Media.

However, the pensioner was not so simple as at first thought a swindler. The woman knew about these fraudulent schemes from the media and from relatives and did not give the offender the opportunity to make money.

The woman received a TEXT message about the alleged blocking of the Bank card. The pensioner did not realize what was going on.

Warned her young family, she also heard about such a “divorce” from the media.

The attacker told the pensioner that her account supposedly someone tried to illegally withdraw money, so the security service blocked the card. According to crook, to regain access to it, he can, if the pensioner will dictate to him the codes of your card.

On the eve withdrew the entire pension, she also remembered that the validity of the card will end soon, so quietly reported all requested information, after which the “Bank employee” blacked out.

In a few minutes crook again made contact with the question of what amount kept in the account client.

“Exactly how much do you earn in an honest way, and you’ll be in old age,” she said.

After that the pensioner has blocked the card, so the attacker would not have used it for other purposes.