Failure of a clinical trial of the antiviral remdesivir against the COVID-19

Échec d’un essai clinique de l’antiviral remdesivir contre la COVID-19

New York | The antiviral remdesivir of the american laboratory Gilead Sciences has failed to improve the state of patients COVID-19, a disease caused by the novel coronavirus, according to the results of the first clinical trials on the drug in China and published prematurely, reported Thursday in the Financial Times.

A summary of the results of the clinical trial has been published, before it can be withdrawn, on the site of the world Health Organization (WHO), according to the british daily.

Many trials are underway on the remdesivir, as well as on other drugs, but the news of the failure of this trial is a blow for the scientific community, which founded great hopes on the antiviral until a vaccine against the COVID-19, not before next year.

These disappointing results also occur, at a time when many countries are working on their scenarios déconfinement, which would not be of a nature to reassure the populations.

The trial of china has shown that “the remdesivir (…) does not improve the condition of patients and does not reduce the presence of the pathogen in the blood system,” says the FT, citing a document published on the WHO website.

The WHO has stated the site specialized Stat that the study had been published by mistake on the site until they have been evaluated by a reading committee.

237 patients participated in the study, carried out according to the method, the more rigorous a test says ” randomized “, with a group of treated patients (158) and a control group (79 patients treated according to the standards of care, but without the drug in which one seeks to know the effectiveness).

The researchers reached the conclusion that the treatment of Gilead Sciences, could have side effects “important”, so that they have interrupted quickly enough, the treatment for 18 patients.

In addition to China, the remdesivir is also in the phase of clinical trials in the United States and Europe in the great trial Discovery. The results are expected soon.

Contacted by AFP, neither Gilead Sciences nor the WHO have not responded in the immediate

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