Fake or salvation: dietitians on how to lose weight on superfood

Dietitians explained why green buckwheat and Goji berries are often ineffective, what is dangerous diet pills, and shared tips on how to lose weight quickly for the summer.

Фейк чи порятунок: дієтологи про те, як схуднути до літа на суперфудах

Express slimming green coffee, Goji berries, fitness tea and the more special of tablets – is not only ineffective, but also dangerous in some cases, this was told by doctors, nutritionists, informs Rus.Media.

Find out whether you can get rid of extra pounds quickly, why is it still impossible to “eat and slim” as advertised, and what really need to do in order to lose centimeters without refund.

Any “superfunds” is replaced by the usual product

Specialized sites sellers various tools to supposedly effective weight loss and today attract the gullible and the desperate. Nutritionists confirm: customers often ask, what would this add to the diet to lose weight. Now these products are called superfudge.

Easier to believe that by buying green coffee, without sport, balanced diet and mode changes we can achieve weight loss/rehabilitation/rejuvenation, than to accept the idea that the goal should be to go long. Unfortunately, it’s not working.

Most popular Superfoods are sold in specialized and in ordinary shops, and, according to nutritionists, the danger in them. It is important to understand that this is nothing more than conventional products: they are as exotic fruits at exorbitant prices, you can eat except for the food variety.

Expensive Chia seeds is perfectly possible to replace the flax seed

For example, Chia seeds are the origin of various useful components – linolenic acid, antioxidants, fibers. And that’s no lie, they really are. But they also are in a similar, cheaper product from the group of seeds. For example, in flax seeds.

About Goji berries and the ghostly metabolism

“They they (Goji berries) constantly for three years. Initially bought with the thought about the benefits of view, advertising about the miracle of weight loss did not yet exist. A single gram of weight in all that time is not lost, on the contrary, safely gathered”, – told one of participants of discussion on a popular forum.

Under the above-mentioned disguised berries Dereza ordinary. According to nutritionists, marketers often sell them as a “cure for aging”, and their help in weight loss – questionable.

Goji berries are useful, but not the leaders in vitamin C.

The main argument of their chudozestvennoj – supposedly a high content of vitamin C. However, during the research it became clear that it is not so outstanding, in fact some of the traditional sources (the same hips) will contain more vitamin C.

The distributors claim that the berries are many minerals, essential amino acids and vitamins, in addition, it is a natural antioxidant: it can normalize metabolism and speed up the metabolism to burn fat more rapidly.

Under the metabolism means the amount of energy that we spend on the maintenance of the body at rest. To speed up the metabolism in General is difficult – it is influenced by age, height, gender, weight, amount of muscle, the work of the thyroid hormones. For example, in hyperthyroidism, when the function “thyroid” is raised, the person loses weight, even if eating really a lot. But it is a pathological condition in a normal force the reaction to occur rather than the body needs, is almost impossible.

But rich in fiber foods slow the absorption of other substances, due to this not all absorbed, part is in transit; according to a nutritionist, having set such a goal, it is better, for example, to eat falafel.

Green buckwheat is the caloric equal of conventional

Reign in the group Superfoods for weight loss green coffee and green buckwheat – is actually just a roasted grain/cereal.

It is stated that green coffee can promote weight loss due to the fact that besides caffeine in it, due to the absence of heat treatment, contains a greater quantity of chlorogenic acid. A number of studies that allegedly confirmed, sponsored by the manufacturers of green coffee, others had low quality methodology so that assertion is debatable.

The situation with green buckwheat similar. In any case, to approach the issue of weight loss should not from the other side: on caloric and protein, fat and carbohydrates they are similar.

Superfood not always better than traditional products. You need to think rationally: to not spend money in vain, you can buy barley instead of quinoa or currants instead of frozen acai berries – any superhub there is a decent traditional replacement.

Teas for weight loss lead to dehydration

The use of large amounts of various tea for weight loss can be fatal. If you buy this in the pharmacy, does not hurt, but to order online from abroad, having studied not the composition, not worth it.

To make a useful tea can be very fresh ingredients.

Weight loss tea as a drink designed to deal with swelling, mainly diuretics or laxatives (other ways to withdraw fluid from the body, in addition to perspiration, does not exist). Abuse threatens not only dehydration, but also the fact that the body will lose more nutrients and minerals. It is important to understand that tea helps to reduce the number on the scales solely by water, the amount of fat stays the same.

How to lose weight for summer? Top 5 rules from dietitians

To lose weight without much harm to health on four kilos in a couple of months, anything more is dangerous or impossible.

There is a common misconception that in order to lose weight, it is necessary to add something – superfood in the diet, a couple of extra meals, something. In fact, you need to reduce the amount of food.

  • Try to pass 12 thousand steps daily.
  • Start to the gym at least twice a week (if you have no contraindications).
  • Eat as much fresh vegetables and herbs, and even better, try to eat vegetable salad before every meal.
  • Rest least seven or eight hours a day.
  • Less stress: stress interferes to keep the body in good shape.