Fall of a rocket near the airport in Baghdad

BAGHDAD | A rocket landed Monday evening in the grounds of the Baghdad international airport, where are based the iraqi troops and the u.s., and announced the army last attack date against u.s. interests in recent months in Iraq.

Some thirty attacks have targeted troops or american diplomats in the country since October 2019. But the attacks with rockets are made more scarce these last few months.

The new shot is reached three days before discussions on the us-iraqi — via the internet, Covid-19 requires — in the framework of a “strategic dialogue” supposed to redesign the cooperation between the two countries, including on the military level.

“A rocket landed in the grounds of the Baghdad airport,” said the army. “There has been neither a victim nor damage,” said to AFP a person in charge of security services.

A base where american soldiers and iraqis is located in the grounds of the airport.

Baghdad international airport is still closed because of the containment measures taken to try to prevent a spread of the epidemic of Covid-19 in the country who has officially registered to date more than 13,000 infections and nearly 400 deaths.

None of the rocket attacks against american interests has not been claimed, but Washington accuses the armed factions in iraq pro-iranian to be responsible.

Rocket killed by the end of 2019, an American in Iraq has degenerated and led to the assassination in January 2020 by Washington in the general iranian Qassem Soleimani and his lieutenant in Bagdad. Iran retaliated by firing iranian missiles at a base used by the us army in Iraq.

In 2011, the United States had recalled all their men from Iraq after having invaded the country and toppled Saddam Hussein eight years earlier. Thousands of us soldiers are returned then within the framework of the coalition led by Washington to support Iraq in its war against the group jihadist islamic State (EI).

After the assassination of Soleimani, the shiites deputies of the iraqi Parliament have voted in January for the expulsion of american troops, never to be implemented by the executive.

Since then, Iraq has a new government, led by the ex-intelligence chief Mustafa al-Kazimi, long seen as the man of the Americans in Baghdad before making a rapprochement with the great enemy of Washington, Iran, a very influential neighbor.

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