Falling prices at the gas station continues

Some of the network of petrol stations in recent days has reduced the prices of petrol and diesel fuel up to 1 UAH per liter. Most lowered the price of the network Ovis.

Падіння цін на АЗС триває

A number of networks of stations for the last day of reduced prices of fuel in the range of from 0.06 to 1.02 UAH/liter. this was reported to the Consulting group A-95, reports Rus.Media.

As noted, the network Ovis reduced the price of gasoline grades A-92 and A-95 at UAH 1,02/l to 28,80 UAH/l UAH of 29.34/l, respectively. The network Route 20 fuel fell by 55 kopecks/liter, and the stations Shell gasoline fell by 32 kopecks./

Networks such as Glusco, Luxwen, BRSM-Nafta, Katral and Neftek lowered the price of 6-50 COP/L.

Average prices in the country on February 14 decreased by 1-2 kopecks./

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