Falling – push: Zelensky “floated”


Падающего – подтолкни: Зеленский «поплыл»

Vladimir Zelensky is afraid of the Nazis. In favor of the radicals resumed criminal proceedings against former “regionals”, strengthened political repression, and at the time of the street protests in “day of the UPA,” Zelensky fled from Kiev. Under pressure from the Nazis and stopped the process of settlement in the Donbass. The failure of the withdrawal of troops threatens Zelensky Republicans in the country, and the cancellation of the meeting in the Normandy format causes dissatisfaction of European leaders.

The Ukrainian elite waiting for the right moment to “push” the “floated”, Yulia Tymoshenko is preparing to move into tough opposition, and Igor Kolomoisky is planning to manage to get their hands on the latest state-owned assets. That this time to blame everything on Russia may not be able to browser the “Politnavigator” Valentin Filippov said the ex-Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev, one of the few former Ukrainian top politicians who had supported the Russian spring in 2014.
Valentin Filippov Oleg, Hello! Still, it seemed that Ukraine was ready to promise anything, just held a meeting in the Normandy format. But then there was some kind of “formula Zelensky”. Then Kuchma any ultimatum put forward.

But they were supposed to be, after all, will start to kink after a meeting or during a meeting…

Oleg Tsarev, a Legitimate question. This is all easily explained. Have Zelensky, perhaps, in a generation passed the fear of Ukrainian nationalists. Though his immediate family was hurt, but probably distant relatives suffered.

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Valentin Filippov: Certainly.

Oleg Tsarev: He really afraid of, and he’s got some kind of panic. So he decides to. Criminal case that is filed the suspicion Lucas, again began to fuss around Ephraim… It’s all the concessions to nationalists and radicals. This was panic and fear of this 14-m number, the birthday of the UPA that Zelensky even left the city of Kiev. I know the internal situation, it wasn’t just the trip to the Donbass.

Valentin Filipov: Well, of course.

Oleg Tsarev: He freed the administration, the President’s office in order to, and suddenly something happens, and it will not be in this building. Still, there were a large number of people, though, and pulled all the internal forces…

Valentin Filippov: Wait, is “the role of personality in history”, or what happens?

Oleg Tsarev: Yes.

Valentin Filippov: That is some great power – the oligarchs – agree. And it all falls on that one person scared?

Oleg Tsarev: He went to the Donbass, precisely because saw it as a personal risk. C-14 is pulled to the border with the Crimea, did everything in order to poubirat someone from Kiev.

But, nevertheless, the March passed March is rather serious. And when did the traffic with “stop the surrender””no surrender,” Poroshenko paid about five thousand people who had to go. And came out ten. And it was a shock to the President’s office and Zelensky.

Hence these are internal fears. In principle, everything is ready for the withdrawal of troops. Was carried out special operation personal. Biletsky, who is a full-time police officer who can’t leave the city of Kiev, not writing a trip certificate, a fight broke in the gold and stated threatening ultimatums Zelensky.

Then they brought back about five hundred fighters, that pay very well from a thousand to two thousand dollars a week, two thousand dollars, if you have a weapon, and you have…

Valentin Filippov: who pays?

Oleg Tsarev: Well, it is clear who pays. The power pays. In order not went to other radicals. Now, if Zelensky will give the command, the military depart, depart Biletsky, and the breeding will take place. But Zelensky in indecision.

And these are all statements Kuchma, “Zelensky formula” is an attempt to play and pull a difficult question in which to make a decision, and he doesn’t want to accept it.

In fact, now Zelensky requirements on the position, trying to jump to the position of Poroshenko. Then Poroshenko, you remember, was declared impossible in terms of. Well, for example how to join now the Donbass and mix with the Crimea.

Valentin Filippov: Yes.

Oleg Tsarev: But, obviously, Russia, Peskov said, and it was clear that Russia will say no. “In such circumstances we will not even discuss the issue.” Zelensky scenario is that the international community will lay the blame for the failure of the Normandy meeting on Russia…

Valentin Filipov: Why?

Oleg Tsarev: …and this may not be possible. The world situation has changed. And therefore, Zelensky a very difficult situation. He needs to make a decision.

Early in their office such a generator of strong solutions was Bogdan. With Bogdan the conflict occurred the day before interview this here, long interview (press conference Zelensky – ed.).

I won’t tell the details, in General, the scene was ugly. Like, Bogdan, on the one hand, people Kolomoisky, a lot of negative things associated with it, it goes through an intensive PR campaign, but, nevertheless, he had a positive role, he pushed Zelensky decisively.

Let’s see now what will be the situation. A little role Bogdan fell, but I think that Zelensky will not be able to make a decision.

Valentin Filippov: But said that “Kolomoisky steers the clown.” And now that Kolomoisky in this situation?

Oleg Tsarev: to finish this topic, now Ukraine, like a submarine that got hit. Here she is sinking, sinking, depth gauge, numbers falling, falling, falling down, and suddenly she froze, right? It’s like a function. Derivative equal to zero. The function can now swing both in one and in the other direction. Divers sit, look at the numbers and think that she will now finally up, after all, it will swing and again begin falling down?

Now is the time to Zelensky to make a decision. If the withdrawal of troops will not be if Norman meeting will be delayed, Russia will play the scenario of what to try to shift the blame to Ukraine. And it can happen because of external conditions.

Play the game Zelensky, when world leaders will again say “Russia is not fulfilling the Minsk agreements, the withdrawal of troops from the NPT, which have no free border, Reformirovanie the DNI and LC, release the prisoners immediately,” it may not be possible.

Therefore, most likely, still Zelensky will be further squeezed. Here Ukraine is the subject, not the object of world politics. This is shown by recent events.

As for Kolomoisky Kolomoisky why all this quietly watching. Well, first, Kolomoisky is also not such a stable situation. He again seized his assets. Again he was given, in my opinion, 20 thousand Euro for the life that Igor is absolutely…

Valentin Filippov on the day or week?

Oleg Tsarev: In a month.

Valentin Filippov: In a month? Want to be Kolomoisky! They let me impose it all!

Oleg Tsarev: … although the Royal court, the most independent, but, nevertheless, the first instance, I understand roughly how, won Igor, whom he was connected. Now it may not be possible. At least his assets arrested, he had a difficult game in Ukraine, he has a conflict, the system conflict with Akhmetov.

Was he the original children’s dream “to eat” Akhmetov and, quite possibly, right now he’s busy now, a situation where it is gradually “eats up”. It is possible that Akhmetov will either have to share assets or to run Kolomoisky partners. Partner, of course, be very restless. Can be question of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, he tells, but it is, in fact, know everything.Valentin Filippov: May Akhmetov him a pension appoint, 200 thousand per month?Oleg Tsarev: Another player who all the time Kolomoisky have to push, it’s inter. Khoroshkovsky was the founder of “95 Quarter” and one of their largest sponsors Zelensky victory in the presidential election. But now, he’s still abroad, he thought that all obligations to him in any case will be fulfilled. It turned out that it is not.

Valentin Filipov: And there turn…

Oleg Tsarev: in order to feel confident, Kolomoisky constantly puts Zelensky on the string. One of the points of support is Avakov. Avakov and Kolomoisky have been preserved thanks to the Minister. As we’ve joked my friends in Ukraine: “if there is a nuclear war, it will survive cockroaches and Avakov”.

Now Avakov is using this primordial, innate fear Zelensky in front of the nationalist radicals. If he leaves after all the National guard, it is quite possible that in the future Zelensky will wait for the script Poroshenko. Only Poroshenko was tough and aggressive, and Zelensky, as shown, indecisive.

Valentin Filippov: not even funny already.

Oleg Tsarev: Yes. Need Kolomoisky, Avakov, and together with Avakov they put a condition that either inter, or they. Khoroshkovsky, in General, is now out of business.

So, why does not interfere with Kolomoisky? He doesn’t need a strong Zelensky. Problem it is worth for two years to implement its minimum program- to go, to go, in metallurgy. Max is to become a monopolist, at least – is to become a serious player on the market of metallurgy and energy.

He was promised by the national Bank, power engineering, and he plans to do. He will push Medvedchuk, he will push Akhmetov, and will fight for their assets.

Kolomoisky said that, even if it is to fall rating Zelensky, two years in any case, Zelensky will last. That’s when the bad results with the bad, there, in the fall of the rankings in the quarter at 10%, it still will last about two years.

Two years Kolomoisky everything I wanted, will do everything. And will continue to watch: the rating will drop Zelensky – well, invite Galustyan from Russia.

Valentin Filippov: Galustyan no such author as Slepakov will not…

Oleg Tsarev: You are an expert, Yes.

Valentin Filippov: tell me, is there not in this situation, to freeze the situation with the channel format, that Zelensky did not decide whether the chance for the Republics of some kind?

Oleg Tsarev: Now the situation is at the point of bifurcation. Or now is the breeding, meeting in the channel format, or freezing of the situation at least two years. From two to five years. And you will have something to do with the Republic, and do we have to be very serious, if Zelensky still does not take any action.

Valentin Filippov: Say, that’s the thing, the longer this whole thing takes, the…

Oleg Tsarev: The harder…

Valentin Filipov: Well. What do you mean harder? The easier it is, in my opinion. Now Russian passports issued many military Donetsk already have Russian passports, many people. That is, each time in the direction of Donbass flying projectile, he can get into the citizen of the Russian Federation. This probability increases each time, every shell and every month. If we get a situation where the Russian Federation is simply obliged by their own laws to intervene to stop the attack on its citizens?

Oleg Tsarev: Let’s not look that far. Moreover, it is clear where everything will move, will be in the near future.Valentin Filippov: the phrase… In six years I have heard many times.Oleg Tsarev: In fact, to Zelensky, he had two Central questions that he needed to solve. First. Let so, before you solve these two issues, he needed to take power into their own hands. He took it, put enough non-professional people. And therefore he cannot proceed to the first and second issues is peace in the Donbas and the land and privatization of agricultural land.

Valentin Filippov: Ukraine is under external control, and I have the impression that there are already competing, not parties (the opposition bloc with BYuT, Party of Regions, some conditional, “servant of the people”), and already competing directly with the Republicans and the Democrats in the US.

Maybe it is not necessary to deceive the Ukrainian people? Some Ukrainian politicians have to declare themselves US Democrats, others by Republicans of the United States. And let the people choose whom he, for the Republicans of the United States or the US Democrats. And that’s all. And it will be clear.

Oleg Tsarev: Practice has shown that Ukraine is impoverished, the situation is getting worse, and centrist parties lose their rating. Will increase the rating of the Opposition platform “For life”. That’s the only thing that can save them now, irreconcilable companions in one faction, what will they see, what they can expect quite a large increase ranking in local elections. And, as if neither wanted to leave, better to stay together.

Party Zelensky will lose rating, and will obviously be growing voices, on the one hand, the radicals, and, on the other hand, the Opposition platform “For life”.

Igor Kolomoisky is now planning to launch some projects that will simulate a “Pro-Russian”. This is in order to delay “the Opposition platform” voices. Let’s see how he will succeed.

Valentin Filippov: Listen, can Kolomoisky to ask for money, huh?

Oleg Tsarev: Well, I’m afraid, he is 20 thousand euros will be very hard, Valentine.

Valentin Filipov: Well, but the sale of land, for a period of time can raise the standard of living in Ukraine?

Oleg Tsarev: Certainly. Because, you know, as that’s the first error Zelensky, the first mistake was – it is draining the transcript of the conversation Zelensky and trump. The actual recording lasted 30 minutes, and if you read the transcript – will 10. But even those 10 minutes is enough to show that Zelensky lost, he was not supposed to behave the way he behaved.

And there he lost, now can’t do breeding troops – if you can’t make a disengagement, and then it will start to criticize. Everything except the party Zelensky, except for “public Servants”. All, right, left, without exception.

Political forces want the President was weak. If Zelensky dragged the land reform, five years of money it’s enough. This will be a temporary increase in life. Then, of course, will curse like Chubais in Russia was cursed, because this is the last to sell. But there will be a rise.

And all will unite, without exception, unite against Zelensky that he could not sell the land. Petro Poroshenko is negotiating with everyone. He negotiates with the chorus, he negotiates with the Garden, he talks with Yulia Tymoshenko, he negotiates with Lyashko. None of these negotiations and communications do not advertise because Petro Poroshenko, thank you Andriy Portnov, has turned into toxic figure. Nobody associates with him his political future, but all communitywide.

All communicate in order to maximally inhibit Zelensky. Yulia Tymoshenko desperately traded with Zelensky, exposes him – or I defect to the opposition, or give it to me, now almost at the exit, there is one Ministry will not say how, plus destination regions. On the one hand. On the other hand, Tymoshenko and Avakov, waiting for the moment when Zelensky stumble even more and when he will have the situation where you, as Nietzsche said in “- Christian”: “falling push”, when he will have such a situation.

At a closed meeting with the staffs, she said that “get ready to move in rigid opposition”. For all that, she is negotiating with Zelensky and most likely will get what she wants. She understands that Zelensky to prevent the voting on the land market is impossible in any case. Everything will come together. All will unite against him.

Valentin Filipov: And we will have a national salvation government, Avakov and Tymoshenko led.

Oleg Tsarev: I could not provide such an option. No one could calculate indecision Zelensky.

Valentin Filipov: I was hoping that it solves nothing. I was thinking it people just decided, he just does. And he, you, had the will. Showed the will of the people. Not made a decision. And I was scared. Showed the will and escaped. Here. It’s the same thing. Self, it turns out.

Oleg Tsarev: Rating Zelensky fell for the last time on 10% drop is likely to continue. Now, barring a withdrawal of troops, will be a sharp drop in the rankings.

Valentin Filipov: Well, good. I like all asked. The fact that today, in General, we can say, probably. Thank you so much.

Oleg Tsarev: Trimisa.

Valentin Filippov: Trymaysya, Yes. And for Russian viewers are saying, “Трымаϵмось time”.

Oleg Tsarev: Good Luck. Goodbye.
Valentin Filippov

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