False alarm: part of Fredericton cordoned off due to man shooting himself in the leg

False alarm: part of Fredericton cordoned off due to man who shot himself in the leg

Fearing they might come across a gunman roaming the streets of New Brunswick's capital, Fredericton police cordoned off part of the city on Monday only to realize that a gunshot man had shot himself accidentally.

Police were first called at around 1:20 p.m. local time to come to Union Street in the northern half of town after a man was found shot in the leg.

Taking no chances, the police deployed massively and cordoned off the area, in addition to placing surrounding schools in lockdown. A canine unit attended the scene to help search for the possible shooter, while police asked citizens to avoid sharing photos and videos of the operation on social media.

During the operation, police found a gun and even arrested one person, who was eventually released unconditionally.

“During the investigation, it was confirmed that the victim suffered an accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound to the leg. His injuries would not put his life in danger, ”admitted the police in a statement posted on his Facebook page in the middle of the afternoon, announcing by the very fact that his operation was over.

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