Falsehood: double identity among Zodiac signs

The twins are destined to frequent change behaviour.

Фальшивість: подвійні особистості серед знаків Зодіаку

Often people want to present themselves is not what is actually

Often in relationships between people observed in unmotivated contradictions or vagueness, informs Rus.Media.

Often the explanation may be quite simple: it happens that people hide themselves behind the false personality, seeking to escape from himself, and present yourself not who is really is.

According to astrologers, among archers often are fans of long distance travel. They during voyages often pretend to be local people, or person, familiar with the new circumstances. Others only see that this behavior makes archers to imitate the manners and dialect, parody the behaviour and facial expressions, and this behavior helps them to be confident and mingle with the crowd.

For the Twins literally destined frequent, often unconsciously, to change behaviors in different situations. They try to imitate not only temperament, but also the manner of behavior of the interlocutor. Despite the fact that it happens is not intentional, Gemini is able to change the “I”, between the real and the copied, as their personality is really ambivalent.

Often seek the protrusion of his “I” and exaggeration of mental faculties Cancers. For them it is important to understand the fact that they are capable of generating brilliant ideas. They are so get used to this process, often without noticing it, you assign someone else’s glory.

For lions need remains blatant posturing and narcissism. New technologies have opened before them unlimited possibilities that social networks can introduce the best interesting and attractive. Lions almost always exaggerate their own merits and achievements, presenting themselves as another person, more successful and popular.

And finally, for people born under the sign of Libra notice the weakness of the abuse of small lies. However, they are often in difficult situations, behave ambiguously, maneuvering and adjusting to the situation. However, this is their fake side. The scales indifferent to the change of masks.