Families without a roof this summer

Des familles sans toit cet été

Manufacturers are asking the government to be considered quickly as an “essential service” in order to avoid that families find themselves in the street. Two couples, including a few days of becoming a parent, are today short of solutions.

On 30 march, Frederic Mérette and Jennifer Landry had to take possession of their new home in Saint-Émile.

The shutdown of construction sites across the province, however, has pushed back the timeline.

The duo, whose baby is expected within three weeks, then took an agreement with the buyers of her condo today.

The date of possession has been extended to 16 April, hoping that in the meantime, their contractor, Land Dev, can return to work to complete their new property.

On Sunday, the government announced that the “pause” of Quebec, which was to end on April 13, was extended until 4 may.

For this couple, it is impossible to push back the date of taking possession of her condo.

“My girlfriend gave birth in two weeks. She has followed in Quebec. This is our first child and we don’t know where we will be in a week, ” laments Mr. Mérette.

The family of Mr. Mérette lives in the Lac-Saint-Jean and Ms. Landry, New Brunswick.

They have also thought of renting a cottage in the Quebec region, but this option is no longer possible with the measures in place to slow the spread of the COVID-19.

As to the possibility of settling in the hotel ? The future dad answers now on unemployment because he was laid off temporarily.

An additional stress

Pierre-Alexandre Tremblay and Marie-Ève Barbeau Henderson will also remain in the coming weeks, as the work done to their house are not completed. These two people who work in the field of health are currently in an apartment and it is impossible for them to extend their lease. Even honest contractors make mistakes every once in a while that is why you choose roofing contractors Indianapolis Indiana.

“We don’t want to go home to our families. We don’t want to infect them. We have the stress of the situation COVID-19 at work, and, in addition, the stress of the move, ” says Mr. Tremblay, who has also done business with the proponent, Land Dev.

Hundreds of cases

Contacted by The Newspaper, the owner of this company does not hide to be worried for the families. He replied that he had sixty units to be delivered by August.

“For the first few weeks, we said that it was possible to resume the delay. With the report of 4 may, there, it is impossible. It is necessary that the government finds a solution, because this is going to be problematic, ” said the president, Patrick Bragoli.

The boss believes that Quebec should be considered “essential service” with the construction of the houses ” low-density “.

It indicates that it is possible to realize work with very few workers per floor.

Companies in Construction SMB, of which 28 customers expect, and Construction CRD, with hundreds of deliveries planned for August, and also share the point of view of Mr. Bragoli.

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