“Family secret”. Who and why merged schismatic Filaret

"Семейная тайна". Кто и почему слил раскольника Филарета

© AP Photo / Efrem Lukatsky“honored Patriarch” Filaret Denisenko no longer participates in public events, standing next to the President, and his “Kiev Patriarchate” is liquidated by court order. And yet a year ago he was at the peak of power, concentrated in the hands of unseen power. What secrets father of the Ukrainian division maintains his former entourage, why he suddenly was no use at home and what to expect with his colleagues and opponents in the near future — in the material RIA Novosti.

The first was the last

And the Protocol seems the same, the question is similar — but only on the memorial Day of Holodomor victims in Kyiv this November for the first time among the leaders and representatives of religious organizations in Ukraine was not the most colourful and notorious figure of Filaret Denisenko.According to media reports, he was not invited, because officials of the Ministry of culture didn’t want it glowed next to the President Zelensky. The secular power is motivated by this: Denisenko “to claim the prayer that will cause discontent and will inevitably provoke conflict among the present hierarchy”.To be on the first roles Filaret always wanted. Demonstration held in October last year the then President Petro Poroshenko rally “in support of creating a unified and independent Church.” The head of state urged the population that the creation of a “new Church”, which he started six months earlier, it would have been impossible without the intervention of the authorities. The politician told about 15 minutes, and after him on stage at the Sofia square in Kiev, Filaret went out and began to pull the blanket over himself.”We’ve been going to autocephaly. For 25 years, we have achieved this, all the activities of the “Kiev Patriarchate” and its Primate was devoted to it”, — the leader of the dissenters was broadcast already longer head of state.

"Семейная тайна". Кто и почему слил раскольника Филарета

© AFP 2019 / Genya Savilov.Patriarch Filaret (the Patriarch of the non-canonical Church structures of Ukraine) during a prayer service on the occasion of the forthcoming decision on the granting of the autocephaly of the Church in Ukraine. 14 Oct 2018And Filaret spoke of creating a “new Church” as his personal merit, and so confident that almost no one knew it, and he will lead. However, “unification Council” 15 December 2018 didn’t.The head is formed on the basis of two schismatic structures “of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine” (ptsu) was a pupil of Denisenko — 39-year-old Epiphany Dumenko.Later Filaret said that Poroshenko was forced not to nominate his candidacy. Like, for a few minutes before the beginning of “Cathedral” he agreed with the President that, in fact, remain to steer the Ukrainian schismatics, and Epiphany Dumenko — “external relations.””In writing, we have not signed because I trusted. And the President of the trust, and the Epiphany trust. They lied to me…. If I knew what was happening, I would not a candidate to put forward. I trusted him that he will go direct route, and will not go crooked road. I didn’t because I trusted him 100 percent. If I had not fought in the Cathedral, he would be the Primate was not,” complained Filaret told reporters.But things turned out really unexpectedly. Barely leading the DNC, Dumenko started a lot of infighting with his patron. Although Filaret still controlled all the finances of dissenters.

"Семейная тайна". Кто и почему слил раскольника Филарета

CC BY 4.0 / administration of the President of Ukraine / Mykola Lazarenko / Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has awarded Patriarch Filaret (Mykhailo Denysenko) with the title “Hero of Ukraine”In the end, in may Denisenko has publicly announced that it is reviving liquidated by him on 15 December last year, “the Kyiv Patriarchate”. On its basis — and we are talking not only about the Treasury, but also about four thousand parishes, and was created by “the square and the Church.” At the same time Filaret boasted that Zelensky before the presidential election had publicly supported it, and not Dumenko, which was fully on the side of the former President Poroshenko.However, the new government Filaret is not needed. In summer the Ministry of culture of Ukraine, in charge of religious organizations, after long hesitation, chose Dumenko. He sought the elimination of the “Kiev Patriarchate” and the transfer of all Bank accounts of the newly created PCU. In the end, the dispute went to court — and he also called for a young “Metropolitan”.

“The KGB did not help”

“In the summer, it became clear that Filaret merged, although he spent half his life fighting for the local Church. But his time has passed. What is called “the moor has done his work,” says the correspondent of RIA Novosti, one of the Ministers of the diocese of Kharkiv ptsu.It is unlikely that such arguments could be presented, during the reign Denisenko. He was an influential figure not only among Ukrainian schismatics — the once and in the Russian Orthodox Church held a high position.Enrolling in the Seminary in 1946, Denisenko quickly made a career in the Church educational system. In 1960, the 31-year-old monk Filaret became the administrator of the — that is the second man — the Ukrainian Exarchate. Six years later he headed, with the status of the second most important Hierarch of the Russian Church after Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia.But even then, his reputation among the faithful has been mixed: there was talk that career he must cooperate with the KGB. Years later Filaret is confirmed.”Cooperation with the KGB is not a sin… If God this godless Soviet authorities to allow, it is necessary to live in this godless government,” — he said the Ukrainian media.However, few of the priests and parishioners reminisced about it aloud, all knew that Denisenko was distinguished by a despotic character.”For the first time about the cruelty and injustice of the Patriarchal Exarch of the Ukraine, I heard from the archdeacon of St. Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev Nikita Pasenko. He told me about how everyone is afraid of the cruel and vindictive Filaret, and his “sister” — Eugene p. Rodionov, living in private apartment Filaret on Pushkinskaya street with three children, allegedly taken from different orphanages in Russia. It’s not only about ordinary clergy, but also about the Ukrainian bishops, that at the meeting always kissed her hand. Among the bishops was called the Eugene p. “the mistress of all Ukraine”, — RIA Novosti the Metropolitan Jonathan (Yeletsky), the ruling Bishop of the diocese Tulchinsky the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church.In 1989, he was appointed Deputy Filaret, vicar Bishop of the Kyiv diocese. And it was quite clear that Denisenko marks on the Patriarchal throne. In 1990, after the death of Patriarch Pimen, the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church Filaret approved the post of Locum Tenens, that is, interim Manager, until the election of a new Primate.The experience of previous years showed that the job was practically guaranteed the election of the Patriarch. However, the local Council of 1990, all turned out differently.”On the eve of elections June 7, Filaret went to (the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. — Approx. ed.), Anatoly Ivanovich Lukyanov says that there is an agreement with the Central Committee that he would be the Patriarch. What Lukianov said, “Mikhail Antonovich (secular name Filaret. — Approx. ed.), now we can’t help you: decide how the Church will be”, recalled Metropolitan Nicodemus of Kharkiv (Rusnak), one of the witnesses.After the Council elected Patriarch, Metropolitan Alexy of Leningrad, Denisenko began to blackmail the bishops, threatening to separate all the Ukrainian Exarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church. The Council of bishops of 1992 convinced him not to fall into schism, granting the Ukrainian Orthodox Church full financial and administrative independence from the Moscow Patriarchate. Filaret agreed, on the cross and the gospel vowing not to allow divisions in the Church. However, back in Kiev, renounced the vows.

“For it people — cattle”

“From an apologist for the Soviet system, he suddenly became an ardent Ukrainian nationalist, a patriot. Though free never learned to speak the Ukrainian language, which was once called “a hybrid of Polish and Jewish,” — said the Metropolitan of Jonathan.Filaret, in his words, was afraid of losing the position of Metropolitan of Kiev due to the fact that his family secret will reveal. This “deprivation of power and a lot of money”.”At that time in the Treasury of the UOC, according to some, it was about three billion Soviet rubles. Output Filaret found in avoiding sinful schism. Which he did, breaking his Bishop’s word, the Holy fullness of the bishops ‘ Council in Moscow. In Kiev, he admitted lying, saying that “around all the your finger around Moscow”, — stressed the Metropolitan Jonathan.Bishop Jonathan was among those who refused to comply with the requirements of Filaret to leave in the split — together, including with the future head of the canonical Ukrainian Church Metropolitan Onufriya. For that Denisenko has removed them from the management of the dioceses.However, in may 1992, who did not want schism the bishops of the UOC, which was the vast majority, called the Cathedral and was removed from the management of the Ukrainian Church of Filaret.In response he created the “Kiev Patriarchate”, with the support of the first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk, who gave him the Treasury of the Ukrainian Communist party. With the support of the authorities and nationalists Denisenko the power taken from the canonical Church hundreds of temples. With the opinion of believers, most of them did not support its separatist aspirations, it was not considered.”When Filaret was a Metropolitan of Kiev, he became aware of my attempts to publicize his “family secret”. He called me into his office and sticking me with a blank look, a barking voice dropped, “You have penetrated into spheres in which burn. I have mud mixed together, you will not neither heaven nor earth!” Taking control of himself, I said, “Lord, do not touch me, for me God will punish you and the people you will not understand”. And in response, he slowly said: “Well, Lord, you know, God is high, and the people — it’s trash!” — says Metropolitan Jonathan.In 1997, the Council of bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Philaret anathematized, that is, completely banished from the Church.

“Seasoned politician”

However, almost as many as 30 years, he never ceased to be the leader of the schismatics and inspirer of Ukrainian nationalists. “Kiev Patriarchate” was actively used their services to solve their problems, including violent seizure of the UOC canonical churches.”Denisenko also mater the KGB man and, therefore, actively cooperates with the SBU, which, in turn, oversees nastily. Particularly close cooperation was under Poroshenko. Now, with the new President, all parties took a wait and see position,” — told RIA Novosti source in the Ukrainian nationalist circles.

"Семейная тайна". Кто и почему слил раскольника Филарета

© AP Photo / Zelenskiy”s Press Service/Pool. The President-elect of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky during a meeting with Patriarch Filaret in Kievrecently, However, the influence Filaret, apparently, is seriously weakened. In early November, when Kiev, the district court considered the question of the elimination of the “Kiev Patriarchate”, Denisenko announced mass protests of his supporters. The rally was attended by less than hundred people — not even the “honorable Patriarch.””Perhaps Ukrainian politicians would make the choice in favor of Philaret, not Dumenko. But Epiphany is young and can edit 20-30 years. A 90-year-old Denisenko, of course, is on the threshold of eternity. And the authorities decided to do so: grandpa will survive, “the honorary Patriarch of the PCU”, and “young everywhere we road.” However, Filaret will continue to fight for the power — mater he is a politician, not a priest, though the cassock is” — said in an interview with RIA Novosti political analyst Rostislav Ishchenko.Therefore, in his opinion, Denisenko will still be “quoted as a political figure”. Nevertheless, it is clear that the father of the Ukrainian division has lost its former power. Because their “grateful” students.Anton Skripunov

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