Famous TV star – Les nikitiuk, broke up with her boyfriend

Now a heart presenter freely.

Відома телезірка - Леся Нікітюк, розійшлася з бойфрендом

Participant in “Dancing with the stars” announced about the changes in his personal life. Such a Frank admission Lesya Nikityuk did on your page in Instagram, informs Rus.Media.

“I want something clever to write… like, we parted like ships at sea, signed Les dramatic photo, which vlna sitting alone on the ocean. But in this situation quite… Broken. All. Journalists, rejoice… the New episode. I will say in advance: no comment. #neighbour”.

Lesya Nikityuk and her mysterious ex-boyfriend, whom she never never brought to light, dated for two and a half years. And, Yes, the ex-boyfriend of the famous blonde was her roommate, and their apartment was across the street. As Les once admitted in an interview, it all started with her question at the first meeting of young people on the floor, “are You a neighbor or a thief?”.

Note that this is the only such personal recognition presenter about their romance over the past few years.

TV star carefully concealed groom. “He is a man of ten to one. He’s smart, talented and promising,” described earlier, the Les chosen. However, his name and occupation nikitiuk did not call.

In the comments to the post Instagram users supported the celebrity. Other followers once again reminded nikitiuk that proverb – “happiness loves silence”, which is often megalosauroidea – doesn’t always work. “Well, even to bury a neighbor from prying eyes did not help,” said one of the fans.

Despite the separation from a loved person – Lesya is not discouraged and continues to put funny posts in my Instagram-Story.