Famous Ukrainian singer spoke about her new Beau

Известная украинская певица рассказала о своем новом возлюбленном

At first the artist tried to hide the relationship, but did not last long and she began to publish romantic photos online.

“I am a public person, and he is very closed, trying anywhere else especially with me not appear. Of course he’s coming, support me, I need his support and is happy when he’s with me. We always have fun, we always laugh, we always listen to the music classroom, we are always on the same wavelength, we always have something to talk about. To be together not somewhere “in the picture”, and to be together really is what’s important”, — quotes words of the singer in Instagram bloknot_stars.

It is noted that although the couple announced their relationship not so long ago, fans are already asking whether Ani to tie the knot with her boyfriend. But the star of marriage is not thinking.

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