Fanar began a hostile takeover of the Church of the Czech lands and Slovakia?

Фанар начал рейдерский захват Церкви Чешских земель и Словакии?

Metropolitan Rostislav and his Church faced the threat of raiding from Fanara. Photo: SPMwhy Constantinople has registered at Czech monastery your organization from one person.
From open sources it became known that the Patriarchate of Constantinople began the creation of a parallel jurisdiction in the Czech Republic, on the canonical territory of the Orthodox Church of the Czech lands and Slovakia (Pcjss) and registered subordinate to yourself “the monastery”. To aspire to the phanariotes and what would be the plan for the raider seizure of this Local Church?

Christianity in Moravia was brought to saints Cyril and Methodius, which is also called Moravian brothers. G. in 869 Pope Adrian II consecrated Saint Methodius in San Moravian Archbishop. That was before the falling away of the Roman Church, which happened almost 200 years later, in 1054 Thus, the first Mother Church for Pccsc was exactly it.

But after the split, in 1096, in Moravia destroyed the last Orthodox Sázava monastery, and Christianity disappeared from this land for almost 800 years. Only in the late XIX century in the Czech Republic appeared Orthodox churches that the Russian Church was built on the Czech resorts for vacationers from Russia. The Czech Orthodox community in Prague, which also took care of a priest from the Russian Church.

However, in conditions of political differences between Russia and Austria-Hungary, and later the First world war the Austrian authorities did not register that the Orthodox community in Prague, and legally it belonged to the community of the Serbian Orthodox Church located in Vienna. The Serbian Church and ordained the first Bishop for Czech and Slovak lands, Bishop Gorazd (Pavlik). Thus, the Serbian Church became a second Mother Church for Pccts.

Bishop Gorazd put a lot of works for the establishment of the Church in Czechoslovakia in the interwar period, it is quite actively developed, while in the jurisdiction of the Serbian Church. During the Second world war, Bishop Gorazd were tortured by the Nazis, he became the first Martyr of the Church of Czechoslovakia.

Thus the Patriarchate of Constantinople, instead of to support the writings of St. Gorazd, tried to create a parallel jurisdiction and in 1923 he established in Bohemia and Moravia, the Autonomous Orthodox Church and ordained her a Bishop Sabbatius (Vrabec). However, believers did not receive him, and remained faithful to the Bishop a whole lot. Bishop Savvas had retired, and the Autonomous Church of Constantinople remained on paper.

During the Second world war, the Czechoslovak Church was liquidated by the Nazis and was revived after the victory, but in the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church. Unlike Fanara, the ROC did not claim to control It, and in 1951 was granted full autocephaly, thus becoming the third Mother Church for Pccts.

Fanar in 1923 tried to create in Czechoslovakia a parallel ecclesiastical jurisdiction.The act, signed by Patriarch Alexy (Simansky) was as follows: “the Russian Orthodox Church, in the person of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy and all consecrated bishops Council, in attention to the request of the Church Council of the Orthodox Church in Czechoslovakia, grant this Church, hitherto the former Exarchate of the Moscow Patriarchate, the autocephaly. Russian Orthodox Church one heart prays to the Heavenly pastor, our Lord Jesus Christ, Yes, He will give His Divine blessing unasa sister in the family of Autocephalous Orthodox Churches, the Church of Czechoslovakia, and Yes He will crown it with eternal glory”.

It is noteworthy that this is the full text of the act.

Constantinople it categorically denied, saying that the saints Cyril and Methodius came to Moravia from Constantinople, and therefore it is his canonical territory. The fact that Methodius was ordained as a Moravian Bishop in Rome and which is almost 800 years in the land of Orthodoxy was not at all, Fanari did not bother.

But without the recognition of Constantinople Pccts has developed quite successfully and by the end of the XX century already numbered several hundred thousand members.

In 1998, the current Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew is recognized Pccts, issuing its Tomos of autocephaly Pccts. This Tomos is very different from the act of the ROC. If the act does not contain any conditions or restrictions of autocephaly, the Tomos vinarski full of them. In this, as in the Tomos for ptsu, there is an obligation Pccts to chrism from Constantinople to appeal to the same appeals, agreeing on all major issues with Fanara and act strictly in line with the foreign policy pursued by the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

She Pccts vinarski Tomos considered just an internal document of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

However, in 2013, Pccts Primate Metropolitan Christopher (Pulc) was forced to retire in connection with publications which cast a shadow on his moral character. The publication, as it turned out, was a slander, but it gave Fanaru chance to interfere in the Affairs Pccts.

October 19, 2013 at the diocesan meeting of the diocese of Prague, which was to elect a new Bishop of Prague, came the familiar Metropolitan of Gaul Emmanuel (Adamakis) and said that Fanar will not recognize any of the proposed Assembly candidates. This has caused confusion, and the Assembly was unable to elect a Bishop.

And in December 2013 in Prague took place the meeting of the Holy Synod Pccts to which the Locum Tenens of the head of this Church, Archbishop Simeon (ya) have already invited two of Constantinople, metropolitans Emmanuel of France (Adamakis) and Vienna Arseniy (of Kardamaina). All declared that these bishops will participate in the meetings of the Synod of the foreign Church with the right to vote.

This was strongly disagree and the rest of the Czechoslovak bishops who asked the ROC of protection against flagrant interference in the Affairs of Fanara Pccts. In Prague arrived the head of the Department for external Church relations Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeyev). He held talks with the phanariotes and made that the Synod Pcjss will decide their Affairs independently without interference from other Churches.

The Synod Pcjss was removed from the post of the Locum Tenens, Archbishop Simeon (Yakovlevich) and was appointed Metropolitan Rostislav (shingles). But soon afterwards the local Council Pcjss was elected Primate Metropolitan Rostislav, who received 87% of votes.

Constantinople’s Tomos for Pccts replete conditions and restrictions – like Tomos for ptsu.It is easy to guess that Fanar is the election of not guilty and proceeded to consider a Locum Tenens protege of Archbishop Simeon, provoking a split in Pccts.

In February 2015, Constantinople has exacerbated this split, they had ordained for Pccts Bishop Isaiah (Slaninka) with the purpose of the “alternative Synod” Pccts.

It is unknown how the situation would develop further, but in 2016 Fanaru urgently needed support Pcjss on the eve of the Cretan Cathedral. This Cathedral, as we remember, was to approve the primacy of Constantinople in the Orthodox world, securing for him a sole authority and open the way to Union with the Latins, recognizing the Vatican Church on a par with Orthodoxy.

The Providence of God this Cathedral was four Local Church, and he in fact did not pan-Orthodox. But then, to this Cathedral, Patriarch Bartholomew struggled trying to ensure the presence of the primates of all local Churches, and he had no time to deal with Metropolitan Rostislav. In the end, Fanar found the Metropolitan Rastislav, the Primate, and Pccsc recognized Constantinople’s Tomos of autocephaly on their own from 1998, which puts Pccts in the actual submission Fanaru.

New attack on Fanara Pcjss was already in 2019 due to the fact that the Czechoslovak Church has not recognized the PCU and expressed support for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church his Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry. On the same day, when Fanar took their lawless decisions on Ukraine, 11 October 2018, Metropolitan Rostislav was sent to the ROC letter condemning the blatant interference of the state authorities of Ukraine in the internal life of the Church, and also stated the established position of Pcjss on this issue.

“World Orthodoxy recognizes only the canonical Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church his Beatitude Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine Onuphrius. This fact on behalf of all those present repeatedly mentioned and confirmed by his Holiness, the Primate of the great Church of Christ of Constantinople Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew at the Synaxis of the primates of the local Orthodox Churches, which took place in Chambesy (Switzerland) from 21 to 27 January 2016. Therefore, any attempt to legalize the Ukrainian dissenters from the state authorities must be strongly condemned by all the primates of local Orthodox Churches”, – said in the letter.

A February 3, 2019, the day of the “enthronement” of Epiphanius Dumenko, Metropolitan Rostislav said: “In fact, the Orthodox Church of Ukraine has existed for centuries — from the times of Vladimir and Princess Olga, the day of the Baptism in the river, and she has a Primate is his Beatitude Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine Onufry. <…> It was found among the senior bishops are those who have decided to deny it, which found no fact that has been confirmed for centuries, and proclaimed instead of the canonical Metropolitan “Metropolitan of all Ukraine,” the pretender”.

Of course, this position has caused indignation of Constantinople, who led a new offensive in Pccts. In August 2019 Fanar initiated the creation of a parallel jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in the Czech Republic. At the constituent Assembly created a legal entity “Association of the Holy Patriarchal Stavropegic Monastery of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary (hereinafter referred to as the Association)” and adopted a Charter.

Фанар начал рейдерский захват Церкви Чешских земель и Словакии?

The Protocol of the constituent Assembly. Photo: from open sources.In the Constituent Assembly was attended by only three people: Konstantin Carbamates, who is also the Austrian Metropolitan Arseny (Patriarchate of Constantinople), Igor Slaninka, he’s a Bishop Chompersky Isaiah and a man of Roman Rugolo (or Ruiko). These three established and elected its Chairman – “Dr Konstantinos Carbamates, 31.10.1973 year of birth, residing at: Fleshmarket, 13, 1010 Vienna, Austria” and the Deputy – “ThDr. (doctor of theology) Isaiah Igor Slaninka, 25.06.1980 year of birth, residing at: Jan Zizka, 1116/13, 434 01 most”.

October 1, 2019, the Association has registered with the regional court Ostrava.

Фанар начал рейдерский захват Церкви Чешских земель и Словакии?

The extract from the register of societies of the regional court in Ostrava. Photo: from open istochnikov notably, this statement in the column “number of members” is the number 1. And the most interesting monastery of the Dormition at this address already exists for quite some time.

Фанар начал рейдерский захват Церкви Чешских земель и Словакии?

Convent of the Dormition in Vilemov, Czech Republic. Photo: info.pravoslaviecz.czИнформации about it on the Internet a bit. There are some photos on the Czech website “Light of Orthodoxy”. A little information for pilgrims on the site “the Alphabet of the pilgrim”:

“The monastery of the Dormition is located in the town of Vilemov, which is located in the Czech Republic. Over the years of its existence, the convent has become one of the main centers of Orthodoxy in traditionally Catholic the Czech Republic. Located in a quiet location, the monastery became a place of solitude for a small Orthodox community. <…> Address: Czech Republic, Olomouc District, 783 22 Vilemov 159”.

And here Fanar at the same address, on the site of women’s monastic communities existing for many years, creates the same monastery under the name “Association”. And formally establish an Association of three people, none of which have to do with this monastic community is irrelevant. And the number of members of the Association according to the extract from the register, and not one person. And reports to the Association not Pccts, that is, the Local Church in the canonical territory of which it was, but directly to the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

Here is the paragraph of the Charter of the Association about its goals: “the Association is a voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit organization of Orthodox believers under the spiritual guidance of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, which brought together the defenders of the spiritual development of Orthodox citizens living in the Czech Republic and other supporters of the Orthodox religion to meet their spiritual needs, and to be active in this development, for the promotion of this goal, and ensure charitable activities in the region carry out this missionary work. The objective is also to lead the spiritual and liturgical life, doing charity work, helping the needy and at the same time to establish a contact spiritual centers (monasteries) to accomplish this goal. To do this, the Chairman of the Association (the Abbot) appoints priests who have a canonical mission. At the same time to pay attention to and help protect the rights of citizens and Orthodox believers to defend their interests in accordance with the Charter of fundamental rights and freedoms. To ensure that no one incited hatred, intolerance, did not support violence and did not violate the Constitution and laws”.

We emphasize:

The Association is subordinated to Constantinople;the Association distributes all of Orthodox citizens living in the Czech Republic;in the task list established a monastery (Association) is not a word about monastic life.This means that under the guise of the monastery establish concurrent jurisdiction, which would be extended to the entire territory of the Czech Republic, and then may spread to Slovakia.

The fact that the Association is headed by the Bishop, and living in Austria, tells me two things. First, the Association will not attract “seekers of monastic life”, and entire parishes with the clergy, laity, churches and Church property. As recent history shows, Fanar mastered the art of enticing the clergy in its jurisdiction: blackmail, threats, financial incentives, political and other pressure, etc. secondly, if you want to go from Pccts in the jurisdiction Fanara will be not so much to attract will not only Czech or Slovak priests and loyal Fanaru clergy from other countries.

When the members of the Association will mean more than one person, and more or less significant amount, or Fanar will be able to start a revolution in Pccts, bringing the power of its people (the same Igor-Isaiah the Slaninka), or even translate Pcjss in his submission, abolished autocephaly. And of course, such updated (or eliminated) Pccsc recognizes ptsu.

Wonder if these plans come true, only time will tell, for us remains nothing how to pray for the Primate Pccts Metropolitan Rostislav and faithful of your Church, the bishops and wish them to have the same fortitude and courage as his Beatitude Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine Onuphrius.Kirill Alexandrov

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