Fans in disbelief: Yana Solomko has changed the face

2017-10-12 16:55

Fans in disbelief: Yana Solomko has changed the face
Externally, the singer has slightly changed, and her fans can’t identify the reason.

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Yana Solomko has pleased fans with new photo and even revealed the secrets about caring for their luxurious hair, and promised that he would fulfill their request and tell you later what means uses to ensure that her hair was always impeccable, reports Rus.Media.

In addition to questions about hair care, review glimpses and messages from those who stopped recently to learn Ukrainian singer and finalist of the first season of the show “the Bachelor.” The thing is that a person of Yana Solomko changed, but the cause of this social network users can not be determined, but exchange only guesses.

This selfie Yana Solomko shared with your subscribers and in less than a day the gathered more than 11 thousand likes.

And Yana Solomko looked before. Major changes on her face, no, but still something is wrong, in all likelihood, the singer began to look different after weight loss, and other makeup.

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