Fans of “Game of thrones” has calculated the probability of death of all key characters in season 8

Фанаты «Игры престолов» подсчитали вероятности смерти всех ключевых героев в 8 сезоне

In anticipation of the final, the eighth season of “Game of thrones” fans of the series only remains to discuss the pictures from the set but to wonder which of the remaining characters will die first. Fans of “Game of thrones” has made an ambitious prediction, calculating the probability of death of all key characters in the last season.

HBO has already told us in season 8 of “Game of thrones” will die the vast majority of the characters, and the final survivors will be few and far between. Those who made the forecast, the bet will ultimately win the Starks and Tyrion Lannister – from the Trinity Starks and Tyrion a chance to die the least.

Here are the first predictions of who will die most likely:

Brienne Of Tarth – 70%

Bronn – 40%

Gregory Clegane (“The Mountain”) – 95%

Sandor Clegane – 35%

Drogon – 60%

Tormund – 20%

Gendry Baratheon – 25%

Grey Worm – 80%

Euron Greyjoy – 90%

Theon Greyjoy – 50%

Yara Greyjoy – 30%

Cersei Lannister – 85%

Jaime Lannister – 60%

Tyrion Lannister – 25%

Melisandre – 85%

Missangie – 40%

Jorah Mormont – 80%

Davos Seaworth – 75%

Jon Snow – 60%

Arya Stark – 20%

Bran Stark – 30%

Sansa Stark – 0%

Daenerys – 50%

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