Fans of Gomez threatened the beloved Justin Bieber

Поклонники Гомес стали угрожать избраннице Джастина Бибера

After the young wife of Bieber, model Hailey Baldwin, has placed stories in a song from his playlist called “I’ll kill you.” Many thought that this response to sad songs Selena. Fans of Gomez were quick to pounce on Hayley in social networks. “Please stop this nonsense. There was no “answer”” wrote the model. Fans of the Gomez did not stop and began to threaten new beloved Justin Bieber.

Selena hastened to stop this nightmare: “I’m very grateful that you appreciated my song. But I am against that some women attack others. I’ll never be. So please don’t be rude to anyone. No matter what the situation. If you’re really my fans, no need to get nasty. Please be kinder. I don’t like when people disrespect others, it is not necessary to do that.” Haley praised the act of Selene and gave her a “like” under the latest pictures, writes

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